Spoiler alert: Cookie cutters aren’t *just* used to make your favorite sweet treats. TBH, they’re hard to resist during the holiday season. Between the gingerbread men, Christmas trees and snowflakes, we’re totally guilty of buying *way* too many for the annual cookie baking extravaganza. If you’re looking for ways to reuse them so you don’t feel 100% ridiculous about buying 15 cookie cutters, look no further. Check out our favorite non-cookie DIYs below.

1. Christmas Tree Garland: Upcycling a cookie cutter into a stencil is probably the most genius thing we’ve heard all week. It doesn’t hurt that this DIY Christmas tree garland is uber cute. (via Design Improvised)

2. Colorful Clay Coasters: With the holidays right around the corner, these DIY clay coasters are going to be your coffee table’s life saver. For an extra festive set, use holiday cookie cutters. (via Oh Joy!)

3. Seasonal Candles: Stuck on what to get the person who has everything? Gifting candles is basically foolproof. Amp it up a bit by DIYing a candle with a tree-shaped cookie cutter. (via POPSUGAR)

4. Tea Light Candle Holders: Kick your tea light candle holders up a notch with this DIY. All you need is clay, some paint and a tea light. Oh, and your favorite cookie cutter, of course. (via Twinspiration)

5. Gold-Flecked Animal Figurines: If you’re in the mood to make a few decorations this season, start with these gold-flecked animal figurines. TBH, gold leaf makes any DIY that much better. (via Squirrelly Minds)

6. Wall Hooks: Making these wall hooks is easier than it looks. Simply cut out circles of clay using cookie cutters, paint on your favorite pattern and hang them with adhesive wall fixers. Pro tip: Use a paint pen to avoid the mess of paint and brushes. (via Fall for DIY)

7. Confetti Christmas Decorations: How fun are these Christmas ornaments? Create the outline effect by picking up two cookie cutters in the same shape but different sizes. They’re SO colorful and festive. (via Make and Tell)

8. Pineapple Ring Dish: Y’all know our love for pineapples, and it doesn’t stop at this DIY ring dish. Set it next to the sink in your guest bathroom so your visitors won’t lose their rings. (via Idle Hands Awake)

9. Crescent Moon Magnets: Create magnets using the same technique used to make the wall hooks in #5. Instead of adding adhesive to the back, stick a magnet on so you can display all of the holiday cards you’re getting. (via Make and Tell)

10. Mini Christmas Trees: Decorating on a budget? Attaching patterned paper behind holiday cookie cutters is a cheap and easy way to spice up your decor this season. (via Little Red Window)

11. Soap Ornaments: If you’re stuck on how to top off your gifts this year, go for a unique idea like these soap ornaments. Not only do they make your presents smell delish and kick your presentation skills up a notch, but they also make great gift toppers that won’t get thrown in the trash. (via Latika Body Essentials)

12. Black and White Clay Ornaments: Make the tree extra chic this year with black and white clay ornaments. Nobody has to know they only took you a few minutes to DIY. The best part? They’re super affordable to make. Score! (via Homey Oh My!)

13. Perler Bead Ornaments: These ornaments are a perfect way to get the kiddos involved with decorating. Use cookie cutters as an outline and fill the inside with your favorite colors as an alternative to Perler bead stencils that take ages to fill. (via Perler)

Have you DIYed anything using cookie cutters? Share yours in the comments below.