Cereal Milk is definitely one of the top cult foods of the last few years, and we couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon, especially for the holidays. After all, modern day Santas need something besides your run of the mill Chips Ahoy and milk. We love Momofuku Milk Bar genius Christina Tosi for her amazing concoctions but wanted to take it one step further. Introducing our new spin on cookies and milk, Cookie Milk!

And if you live in SF, keep reading for our special ode to Humphrey Slocombe’s Secret Breakfast.

Birthday Funfetti Cookie Milk


– 1 package Birthday Cake Oreos

– 2 cups 2% milk

– sprinkles

Start by gathering your ingredients. All of our cookie milk recipes have 3 ingredients or less!

Crush up a cup of Oreos in a large bowl. Add milk and let sit for 10 minutes before straining through a fine mesh sieve.

Time to prep your glass. Pour sprinkles into a bowl, dip a glass rim in milk, and then dip into sprinkles. Pour in the cookie milk and serve with a fun straw!

Repeat the process above with our other cookie milk recipes below!

Biscoff Cookie Milk


– 1 package Biscoff cookies

– 2 cups 2% milk

Haven’t tried Biscoff cookies yet? It’s about time you did. They’re definitely a team favorite at Brit + Co.

Peppermint Kahlua Oreo Milk


– 1 package Mint or Peppermint Oreos

– 2 cups 2% milk

– 1 ounce Peppermint Kahlua

We know one creative director who can’t get enough Oreos – not to mention Oreo Milk!

Secret Breakfast Milk


– Cinnamon Toast Crunch

– 2 cups 2% milk

– 1 ounce bourbon

I mean, who doesn’t love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? This Secret Breakfast Milk gives you the best excuse for having a box in your pantry.

What do you think about our Cookie Milk creations? Let us know in the comments section below!