In the market for a new coffee table? Or just like to window shop online? The days of using a trunk filled with blankets or an Ikea $9.99 Lack table are behind us. Here are 40 unusual quirky tables that will definitely make you look.

1. Mixtape Coffee Table: The moment this table hit the interwebs, we had to write about it. It makes us think of all those angsty mixtapes in the early ’90s. (via Jeff Skierka)

2. Tables of Continents: We love the idea of planning cross-contintental adventures on this geographical table. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Venus Coffee Table: This modern piece on wheels is great for display all your favorite coffee table knick knacks. (via IQ Matics)

4. Computer Board Table: Nerd alert! We love the glowing orb of this table. (via The News Is Broken)

5. Foosball Coffee Table: It’s a foosball (via Chicago Gaming)

6. Nar Coffee Table: This gorgeous table makes it easy to keep all those coffee table books and hardcover novels in order. (via The Maisonette)

7. Stacking Nesting Coffee Tables: How adorable is this stack? It’s definitely a more minimal take on the nesting table. (via Florian Krautli)

8. LED Pong Coffee Table: LED pong kind of sounds like our dream come true. (via Sparkfun)

9. Elipse Coffee Table: This is equal parts creepy and modern. (via Design Milk)

10. Pulp Coffee Table: We are totally digging the repurposed style of this table and chairs made from paper pulp. (via Odelia & Dan Design Studio)

11. Lego Coffee Table: You loved your Legos then, and you’ll love this Lego table now :) (via Not on the High Street)

12. Pine Coffee Table: This beautiful cross-section-inspired table is made of a whole bunch of pretty pieces of pine. (via Chic Tip)

13. Modern Fire Coffee Table: It’s a fire-breathing… table! (via Planika)

14. Bentley V8 Engine Coffee Table: Talk about repurposing – this table is made from a Bentley V8 engine. (via I Design Arch)

15. Vintage Snowshoe Coffee Table: This is the perfect table for a cozy cabin in the mountains. (via Black Forest Decor)

16. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table: You know this one is an instant winner in our book. (via Bohemian Workbench)

17. Tour Coffee Table: Even for the bike enthusiast, this might be a little too quirky. (via Made In Design)

18. Don Vino Wine Coffee Table: Love to have a rotation of bottles going whenever you’re lounging around? (via Chicone Cabinet Makers)

19. Surf Board Coffee Tables: Dude, did you see the wave I caught this morning? (via House Beautiful and Lunar Lounge)

20. Nintendo Logo Coffee Table: Another play on Nintendo, we’re into the idea of getting a bunch of block letter tables to spell out Brit + Co! (via Geeks with Wood)

21. Industrial Coffee Table: On the more industrial end of the spectrum, this looks like a drill, bionic spine, and corkscrew all in one. Can’t decide if it’s a little too dungeon-like for us. (via Intuitive Iron)

22. Tranquility Coffee Table: Ommmmmm… (via Ikea Hackers)

23. Vintage Bathtub Coffee Table: It’s a vintage bathtub and a garden! Love it. (via Garage Sale Gal)

24. Antler Coffee Tables: For a woodsy or mountain retreat, we love the rustic vibe of this antler coffee table. (via Thibaut and Daily Kos)

25. Vintage Planter Coffee Table: Another fun one for keeping plants around, this looks kind of like an upside down table with a piece of glass on top. (via BC Dry Goods)

26. Printer’s Type Tray Coffee Table: Love letterpress as much as we do? This is definitely getting bookmarked in our to-make file. (via Xenas Dad)

27. Volt Pot Planter Coffee Table: Part coffee table and part planter, the Volt Pot harnesses the power of dirt to charge your devices. (via In Habitat)

28. Doll House Coffee Table: This coffee table doubles as a dollhouse, and manages to look totally modern at the same time. (via Qubis)

29. Chalkboard Paint Coffee Table: Our chalkboard cheese trays would look pretty darn cute perched atop this fun table. (via Kyle Not Really a Dude)

30. Planter Coffee Table: Seriously – it’s another coffee table that doubles as a planter! Folks really do love themselves some green. (via Ikea Hackers)

31. Strand Coffee Table: Made from a stranded from of laser cut steel, this piece makes us want to doodle. (via Arktura)

32. Rubik’s Cube Coffee Table: If only it was a functional Rubik’s Cube! (via Home Creat)

33. Vintage Water Ski Coffee Table: Planning your dream beach house? (via James Robinson Creations)

34. Mushroom Coffee Table: And yet another one we think Mario would love! (via Design Public)

35. Font Inspired Coffee Table: This would look right at home among our other favorite examples of typographical decor. (via Furnitur Site)

36. Swimming Pool Coffee Table: Wait, what!? It looks exactly like a swimming pool. Look for this in the home of Michael Phelps :) (via Be Interior Decorator)

37. Boat Coffee Table: Crafted from the room of a sailboat, this piece works great in a cozy nautical home. (via Nauticals of Marblehead)

38. Book Coffee Table: We think you could totally DIY this! via Tytie)

39. Aquarium Coffee Table: Yep, those fish are real. (via In Stash)

40. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table: Last, how about a little whiskey with your table? (via Sterling Wine)

Bonus! Sumo Wrestler Coffee Table: Okay but for real, how weird is this? (via Inner Design)

What’s the most unusual coffee table you’ve ever seen? Talk to us in the comments below.