In the market for a new coffee table? Or just like to window shop online? The days of using a trunk filled with blankets or an聽Ikea $9.99 Lack table聽are behind us. Here are 40 unusual quirky tables that will definitely make you look.

1.聽Mixtape Coffee Table: The moment this table hit the interwebs, we had to聽write about it. It makes us think of all those angsty mixtapes in the early 鈥90s. (via聽Jeff Skierka)

2.聽Tables of Continents: We love the idea of planning cross-contintental adventures on this geographical table. (via聽Apartment Therapy)

3.聽Venus Coffee Table: This modern piece on wheels is great for display all your favorite coffee table knick knacks. (via聽IQ Matics)

4.聽Computer Board Table: Nerd alert! We love the glowing orb of this table. (via聽The News Is Broken)

5.聽Foosball Coffee Table: It鈥檚 a foosball (via聽Chicago Gaming)

6.聽Nar Coffee Table: This gorgeous table makes it easy to keep all those coffee table books and hardcover novels in order. (via聽The Maisonette)

7.聽Stacking Nesting Coffee Tables: How adorable is this stack? It鈥檚 definitely a more minimal take on the nesting table. (via聽Florian Krautli)

8.聽LED Pong Coffee Table: LED pong kind of sounds like our dream come true. (via聽Sparkfun)

9.聽Elipse Coffee Table: This is equal parts creepy and modern. (via聽Design Milk)

10.聽Pulp Coffee Table: We are totally digging the repurposed style of this table and chairs made from paper pulp. (via聽Odelia & Dan Design Studio)

11.聽Lego Coffee Table: You loved your Legos then, and you鈥檒l love this Lego table now :) (via聽Not on the High Street)

12.聽Pine Coffee Table: This beautiful cross-section-inspired table is made of a whole bunch of pretty pieces of pine. (via聽Chic Tip)

13.聽Modern Fire Coffee Table: It鈥檚 a fire-breathing鈥 table! (via聽Planika)

14.聽Bentley V8 Engine Coffee Table: Talk about repurposing 鈥 this table is made from a Bentley V8 engine. (via聽I Design Arch)

15.聽Vintage Snowshoe Coffee Table: This is the perfect table for a cozy cabin in the mountains. (via聽Black Forest Decor)

16.聽Nintendo Controller Coffee Table: You know this one is an instant winner in our book. (via聽Bohemian Workbench)

17.聽Tour Coffee Table: Even for the bike enthusiast, this might be a little too quirky. (via聽Made In Design)

18.聽Don Vino Wine Coffee Table: Love to have a rotation of bottles going whenever you鈥檙e lounging around? (via聽Chicone Cabinet Makers)

19.聽Surf Board Coffee Tables: Dude, did you see the wave I caught this morning? (via聽House Beautiful聽and聽Lunar Lounge)

20.聽Nintendo Logo Coffee Table: Another play on Nintendo, we鈥檙e into the idea of getting a bunch of block letter tables to spell out Brit + Co! (via聽Geeks with Wood)

21.聽Industrial Coffee Table: On the more industrial end of the spectrum, this looks like a drill, bionic spine, and corkscrew all in one. Can鈥檛 decide if it鈥檚 a little too dungeon-like for us. (via聽Intuitive Iron)

22.聽Tranquility Coffee Table: Ommmmmm鈥 (via聽Ikea Hackers)

23.聽Vintage Bathtub Coffee Table: It鈥檚 a vintage bathtub and a garden! Love it.聽(via聽Garage Sale Gal)

24.聽Antler Coffee Tables: For a woodsy or mountain retreat, we love the rustic vibe of this antler coffee table. (via聽Thibaut聽and聽Daily Kos)

25.聽Vintage Planter Coffee Table: Another fun one for keeping plants around, this looks kind of like an upside down table with a piece of glass on top. (via聽BC Dry Goods)

26.聽Printer鈥檚 Type Tray Coffee Table: Love letterpress as much as we do? This is definitely getting bookmarked in our to-make file. (via聽Xenas Dad)

27.聽Volt Pot Planter Coffee Table: Part coffee table and part planter, the Volt Pot harnesses the power of dirt to charge your devices. (via聽In Habitat)

28.聽Doll House Coffee Table: This coffee table doubles as a dollhouse, and manages to look totally modern at the same time. (via聽Qubis)

29.聽Chalkboard Paint Coffee Table: Our聽chalkboard cheese trays聽would look pretty darn cute perched atop this fun table. (via聽Kyle Not Really a Dude)

30.聽Planter Coffee Table: Seriously 鈥 it鈥檚 another聽coffee table that doubles as a planter! Folks really do love themselves some green.聽(via聽Ikea Hackers)

31.聽Strand Coffee Table: Made from a stranded from of laser cut steel, this piece makes us want to doodle. (via聽Arktura)

32.聽Rubik鈥檚 Cube Coffee Table: If only it was a functional Rubik鈥檚 Cube! (via聽Home Creat)

33.聽Vintage Water Ski Coffee Table: Planning your dream beach house? (via聽James Robinson Creations)

34.聽Mushroom Coffee Table: And yet another one we think Mario would love! (via聽Design Public)

35.聽Font Inspired Coffee Table: This would look right at home among our other favorite examples of聽typographical decor. (via聽Furnitur Site)

36.聽Swimming Pool Coffee Table: Wait, what!? It looks exactly like a swimming pool. Look for this in the home of Michael Phelps :) (via聽Be Interior Decorator)

37.聽Boat Coffee Table: Crafted from the room of a sailboat, this piece works great in a cozy nautical home. (via聽Nauticals of Marblehead)

38.聽Book Coffee Table: We think you could totally DIY this! via聽Tytie)

39.聽Aquarium Coffee Table: Yep, those fish are real. (via聽In Stash)

40.聽Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table: Last, how about a little whiskey with your table? (via聽Sterling Wine)

Bonus!聽Sumo Wrestler Coffee Table: Okay but for real, how weird is this? (via聽Inner Design)

What鈥檚 the most unusual coffee table you鈥檝e ever seen? Talk to us in the comments below.