Whether you’re dealing with a wintry mix in your weekend or not, it’s time for a self-declared snow day. You got some knitting, crocheting and general needle-and-threading to do, girl.

1. High-Waisted Knit Shorts: If you didn’t think that words like “high-waisted,” “knitting” and “booty shorts” belong at the same party, you need to change your worldview, my friend. (via Barbro Andersen)

2. Knotted in Love Par-DIY: All of these beautiful knitting projects were rolled up into one sunny bridal shower but we might steal the color palette and ideas for all of our next celebrations. (via A Subtle Revelry)

3. Pick a Pocket Cozies: They’ll never forget the sugar again with these knit coffee warmers. (via Simply Notable)

4. Crocheted Bow Tie: We love a man who makes and this guy proves fellas can get in on the fun too. (via Louis Mensinger on Ravelry)

5. Edgy Blankets: If the idea of knitting an entire blanket simultaneously warms you up and terrifies you, this tutorial is for you! Use it to update an old blanket or transform a cozy, flannel fabric of your choice. (via The Purl Bee)

6. Colorful Geometric Embroidery Project: Brighten up a blank wall in an afternoon with this easy and affordable art project. (via She Makes a Home)

7. Crochet Tote: We guarantee you’ll learn to read Swedish to nail this geometric mixed material bag. (via Lutter Idyl)

8. CD Weaving Tutorial: Here’s a fun project to upcycle those old CDs or DVDs into wall art if you and the kids are stuck inside because of a polar vortex. And feel free to substitute “roommates” in for “kids” if that’s more applicable. (via Make It… a Wonderful Life)

9. Moss Stitch Bow Headband: A far less bulky take on the knitted bow headband for indoors hair wear. (via A Common Thread)

10. Knit Scrap Wrapping: It’s a rainbow-colored wrap thanks to pretty scraps from old knitting projects tied around simple brown boxes, but you could use any color combo you have lying around. (via Kate Spade)

11. DIY iPhone 5 Needlepoint Case ($12): If we’ve shown you guys anything, it’s that you can be crafty and techy all-in-one. This DIY starter project proves it too. (via notsomodernmillie on Etsy)

12. Paint Pail Mittens: A perfect project to knit up if you have a small amount of yarn you love and more of a neutral color at your fingertips. (via Purl Bee)

13. Swants: Now that we know swants exist, it’s like we’ll never be able to wear other pants again. Or sweaters for that matter. All swants, all the time from now on. (via West Knits)

Have a cool knitting project you think we should sink our needles into? Hook* us up below! (*That was a crochet joke, ICYMI…)