The first rule of resume writing is to make yourself stand out. Sure, you could play with the format, add a little color or change the fonts. Or, you could do all three and print it on a milk carton.

A Brazilian graphic designer named Samuel Profeta created this colorful and unique CV that features four sides and a sloping lid, just like a classic milk carton. Each of the four sides represent a different theme. On one side, the designer’s information is displayed as the name of the product. On another, his experience and qualifications are listed. There’s even a side designed to look like a nutritional label, showcasing his LinkedIn recommendations. It’s an unusual approach to displaying your talents, but it does showcase out-of-the-box thinking — literally.

The purpose of this design wasn’t to land a job, though. Profeta’s non-traditional rez was intended to show the similarities between a person and a product. He even placed a recycling logo at the back of the box to comment on how easily a person can be reduced to a block of information.

Any recent college grads or people looking for a job switch can probably relate to that feeling. Even if this isn’t a real resume, judging from colors and creativity alone, Samuel Profeta, you’re hired.

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(h/t PSFK)