When we put our makeup on every morning we’re obviously hoping that it’ll help us look flawless IRL. We also hope that it will stay on for more than an hour after we leave the house. But if we’re being totally honest, what we really want is for our flawless foundation application to shine through in our selfie taking. Because we live in 2015 and that is life now. Whether you’re Snapchatting, Instagramming or Perescoping, it’s important that your camera phone does your beauty routine justice. And lucky for us, it looks as though CoverGirl is already one step ahead of us.


The cosmetic brand already tests how their foundation performs under lighting situations like fluorescents and harsh sunlight, but now they’re also working to make sure it looks good through your camera phone. This isn’t CoverGirl’s first foray into makeup for millennials. Earlier this year they released Outlast Stay Luminous, which went through 43 different versions until it looked perfect through testers’ iPhones.

Sarah Vickery, CoverGirl’s principal scientist tells the New York Times, “We’ve got one type of consumer who is constantly taking pictures, and what really matters to her and her social group is how she looks in a selfie. It’s something we really have to pay attention to.” According to the NYT, CoverGirl isn’t the only brand adding camera phones to their testing process. Smashbox created a life-size light box they called the “Flashbox,” which tested how its makeup responded to different lighting conditions, one of which was selfies. Avon also introduced its Ultracolor Bold lipstick last year that is designed to be true to the color you see on the packaging when it’s on your lips – and on camera. Watch our social media, it looks like our selfies are about to be launched to a whole new level.

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