The temptation to throw on a maxi dress (unbelted) and go out in sweats (the same from your beauty sleep) can be all too great on your average lazy day. Now double that urge when you’re pregnant. But don’t let it be so, not when there are a number of near effortless ways to switch up your bedroom-bound silhouette into an outfit worth Instagramming. As these eight moms-to-be show in their #stylethebump photos, cozy-chic is an easy look to come by with just a few wardrobe hacks, from beyond basic layering tricks to refining a t-shirt and flannel (spoiler alert: put on a hat. Really, it’s that simple). Scroll through for the straight-from-Instagram styling tips to make up your bump just like that.

1. @domnika.crainic: Step away from the hoodie. When you’re looking for a layer to help cut the onset chill, reach for a cape to turn whatever you’re currently wearing into something instantly enviable (though we have our eyes on those thigh-high boots, too).

2. @blamefashion: Those dinner-ready pieces don’t always have to be paired with pointy flats and strappy heels. Break out your sporty sneakers to put a casual and comfy twist on your perfect day-to-night look.

3. @stylofax: You start with a white tee (0). You add an easy-to-wear jersey skirt (+1). You toss on your boo’s flannel (-1). Now add a hat (+10). Just imagine the score if you had reached for a blazer instead!

4. @lovejookimt: Even though you’ve got a growing bump, don’t think about storing those crops, especially the sweatshirt varieties. The half-shirts might be the most underutilized sartorial secret weapon among moms-to-be. You can see why here: it breaks up this ‘grammer’s proportions in the most flattering way possible — try the look over a crisp button down or flowy blouse.

5. @mrs_style_junkie: It’s a cue straight from the Blake Lively maternity style book, and it translates onto real pregnant women like a dream — mixed prints, they’re a beautiful thing. We’re obsessed with the contrasting black and white graphics that punch up this cozy look. Don’t forget to add a beanie for an extra pop of color.

6. @couldihavethat: You’re most comfortable in your blue jeans, and your coffee run look is never complete without a ball cap. Add a touch of effortless cool to your All-American getup by tapping your reserve of French girl pieces or invest in one to commemorate this special moment, à la this maman polue.

7. @irinabond: When you feel most comfortable in your go-to maternity look (no matter how cozy), lean on your accessories to take your look to the next level — bonus points if you coordinate your hairdo. Take a cue from this Instagram mama and go for boho flair with a tasseled bag, heeled ankle booties and tight fishtail braids.

8. @francybodo: The hands down easiest way to restyle your favorite smock, go-to-sheath or that maxi dress? Layer it on top of a long sleeved shirt. Add delicate gold cuffs to either arm and — what did we tell you — you’re Insta-ready just like that.

Do you #stylethebump on Instagram? What’s your handle? What maternity style hacks do you swear by? Tell us in the comments below!