Don’t have time to get yourself organized? Well, here’s a newsflash you’ve likely already heard: organizing your life will actually give you *more* time to do the things you love. In fact, organizing your essential evening and morning spaces (your bedroom and your bathroom) can leave you with more time throughout the day, allowing you to be more creative. That’s right, we said it: organization can lead to creativity! And it goes far beyond your desk, workspace or office.

We’ve partnered up with IKEA to share all sorts of ways to use organization to make time for your creative pursuits. But it’s not just about literally organizing — it’s about creating calm and energizing atmospheres throughout the home. Your day starts and ends in the bedroom and the bathroom, so that is where our story begins.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you how a colorful and orderly bedroom can lead to happier, more productive mornings. We’ll also help you organize your bathroom so that both your mornings and evenings are effortless. The goal? To give each and every one of you 20 extra minutes in the morning or evening so you can spend that time flexing your creative muscles. In fact, throughout this series, we’d like to challenge you to be more creative. Introducing: our Daily Creativity Challenge!

Here’s how it works: We challenge you to spend 20 minutes every day for a week (or a month!) doing something creative that is out of your ordinary routine. Ideally, we’d like you to do this in the morning or evening, so you can see how a quick creative exercise affects the start or end of your day, especially if you’ve used IKEA products to organize yourself. Record your practice in some way (snap a photo!) and share it with us on Instagram using #iamcreative. We’ll share our favorites right here on

But before we officially get started, let’s talk about how an organized morning and evening can lead to a more creative you.


1. If You Make Fewer Decisions in the Morning, You Will Make Better Decisions During the Day: This is one that proves itself true time and time again. How many times have you wasted an hour choosing what to wear in the morning? People actually experience decision fatigue about three-quarters through their work day, and this is largely due to wasted time making decisions in the morning.


2. You Can Use Color to Relax and Rejuvenate Yourself: Surround yourself with colors that relax and energize you. We know, those seem like opposite actions, but the truth is, a relaxed self is ultimately an energized one! Keep your wall color simple and choose bed linens that make you feel warm and fuzzy. For some people, all white is the way to go, and for others it’s all about cool tones.


3. When Everything You Need Has a Home, Your Brain Will Thank You: Does your bathroom sink or countertop tend to look like you’re always just visiting? You’ve got half of your things sticking out of your cosmetics bag and the other half wedged onto a corner of your sink. It’s time to give your daily morning and evening essentials a home! The right hooks, towel stand and high cabinet will go a long way.


4. A Better Night’s Sleep Can Make You More Creative: Okay, okay, we know this is a pretty big statement, but we stand behind it. If you go to sleep in a place of calm, you will most likely wake up in a happy, refreshed and more creative state. Make sure your essentials are within arm’s reach, but without crowding your slumber. A good nightstand will go a long way, and our friends at IKEA have plenty to choose from ;)


Be sure to follow along over the next few weeks as we show you simple and impactful ways to organize your space, thereby making space in your brain for creative ideas. And don’t forget to take our Daily Creativity Challenge. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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This post is a collaboration with IKEA.