We all know getting an education is an essential part of growing up and ensuring your kid turns into a total girlboss someday. But getting them excited about it can seem like pulling teeth some days, especially since spring break is only a few short weeks away. Start with their school supplies and jazz up the basic and boring ones with the help from supplies like paint, cardstock and washi tape. Whether you’re a teacher that needs a quick craft – like bookmarks to make with your entire class – or you’re a parent looking for a more intense project to do with your kiddo this afternoon, there is something for everyone and every skill level. Here are 12 adorable DIYs that are definitely cool enough for school.


1. Fruit Pencil Pouch DIY: Let your kiddo carry their pencils around in style with these adorable fruity pouches. Start with plain colored canvas pouches (or use fabric paint if you can’t find the color you need) and transform them into your favorite fruits with a little felt, painters tape and paint. (via Damask Love)


2. Rainbow Watercolor Backpack: Boring backpacks be gone! Send your little one off to school with the coolest bag in class. And the best part: The project takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Doodle all over a white backpack with fabric markers and lightly saturate the entire thing with a spray bottle full of water to let the colors bleed into each other. Set with a quick spin in the dryer and you’re done. (via Momtastic)


3. Gold Leaf Clipboard: Teachers and kids alike will go crazy for these gold leaf clipboards. Next time you’re at the office supply store, grab a couple clipboards and get to work. Tape off the bottom half on a diagonal (or any shape you want, really) and paint. Then go nuts with the gold leaf and you’ll be looking for any excuse to show off your handy work. These would also be great for displaying kiddo’s latest artwork. (via Lovely Indeed)


4. Cute Cat Bookmarks: Say hello to the purrfect solution for keeping track of your place in a book. These cute bookmarks can be ready in less than five minutes and only require basic supplies. Have the kids draw their designs on thick cardstock and then you can cut around the ears and the paws with a craft knife. (via DIY Candy)


5. Chalkboard Notebooks: Keep track of homework and to-do lists at first glance. Attach a piece of chalkboard contact paper to the front of a spiral notebook or paint on a thin layer of chalkboard paint and let dry. Then your kid will know exactly what they need to finish for the day. Or you could always write them little notes of encouragement to start their day off on the right foot. (via The Crafting Chicks)


6. Confetti Pencil DIY: Because what would you rather take notes with? Regular pencils or rainbow colored confetti pencils? That’s what we thought. (via Make and Tell)


7. Flash Card Holder: If your kid (or your class, if you’re a teacher) is just learning their ABCs, how to read or spell, chances are they’re going to have tons of flash cards to keep track of. Ditch the tired old rubber bands and binder clips and whip up some of these duck tape card holders instead. All you need is an old cereal box and a few strips of tape. (via Cute As a Fox)


8. Washi Tape Bookmark: You can never have too many bookmarks, especially ones that use recycled materials. The next time you get a big stack of junk in the mail, save the envelopes. Cut the bottom corners off the envelopes and cover them in strips of cute patterned washi tape for a simple and easy place saver. (via Zakka Life)


9. PVC Pencil Case: Okay, while this one does take a tad bit more work, but the finished product looks so cool and industrial that it’s definitely worth it. A quick trip to the hardware store will send you off with all the supplies you need. Most will even cut down the PVC pipe for your for free, if you ask nicely. (via Idle Hands Awake)


10. Cereal Box Notebooks: Cereal boxes to the rescue again. This time, turn them into little notebooks and let your kids customize the front and back with tape, stickers or their own artwork. (via Molly Moo Crafts)


11. DIY Lunch Bags: Stop wasting all those plastic sandwich baggies and make this reusable option with patterned Duck Tape instead. Just download the free template and start laying out your strips of tape. Not only will your kid eat lunch in style, the environment will thank you too. (via The Gracious Wife)


12. Paperclip Flags: This project couldn’t be any easier. Mini paperclips and rolls of washi tape are all you need to whip up a dozen flags in under five minutes. Happy crafting! (via Paper and Pin)

Which one of these school crafts are you going to make first? Snap a pic and use the hashtag #iamcreative on Instagram so we can see what you’re working on! —@britandco.