Even the most crafty and creative types get stuck every once in a while. And when that block comes, sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get you back on track with whatever your creative passion is. Whether you鈥檙e a baker or an illustrator, or something in between, these 10 inspiring books are sure to motivate your creativity, no matter the medium.


1. A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate ($20): Hot glue guns are the star of the show in this book that contains loads of crafty projects and ideas to take your DIY practice to the next level. Intertwined with hilarious stories from one lovely lady鈥檚 life, this is a book you鈥檒l read again and again.


2. Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford ($17): If you鈥檙e craving a beachy vacay, but just can鈥檛 make one happen this year, this ocean-filled coloring book is the next best thing. Spend your snowy days coloring in intricate seascapes and hang 鈥檈m up to fill your house with sunny vibes.


3. Colour Me Good Hip Hop by Mel Elliot ($13): Hip hop has never been so approachable. Color in your fave heavy hitters, from 2Pac to Missy Elliot. Holler!


4. Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy by Joy Cho ($28): If you鈥檙e stuck creatively, try taking the focus off yourself and onto someone else with this happiness-sharing book.


5. Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch by Mel Elliott ($13): Everyone loves Benedict Cumberbatch 鈥 especially now that he鈥檚 available in coloring book form! All you need are some colored pencils, and you鈥檙e ready to rock.


6. Tiny World Terrariums by Twig Terrariums ($20): Get crafty and fill your abode with some gorgeous greenery at the same time with this nifty how-to book on terrariums. Don鈥檛 worry if you don鈥檛 have a green thumb: This book breaks it down and makes it easy peasy for everyone.


7. 1990s Coloring Book by James Grange ($10): Ah, the 鈥90s! From Zach Morris to Daria, this coloring book celebrates every aspect of the wonderfully weird decade that was one of our faves.


8. Fifty Shades of Chicken by F.L. Fowler ($20): Get your creativity going鈥 in the kitchen! This tongue-in-cheek delight will not only step up your cooking creativity, but it鈥檒l also give you a good laugh or two along the way.


9. Pattern Play: A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups and Pencil Set by Brit + Co ($15): Brought to you straight from Brit+Co and Crayola, this coloring book and pencil set has everything you need to get into creative zen, complete with illustrations from over 50 different artists.


10.Homemakers by Brit Morin ($17): Of course, we couldn鈥檛 forget our own Homemakers! Filled with all the tips, tricks and DIYs your home needs to feel fresh and modern, this book will have you brainstorming crazy colorful designs in no time.

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