You can have the prettiest baby shower ever, but sometimes the pictures of the big event look just like everyone else’s. There are snaps of the cake, the tearful mother of the new mom and you surrounded by flying tissue paper. While those shots are important, there are many picture opportunities that can set your shower apart. Take a look at these 14 creative pictures you’ll want someone to snap at your baby shower.

mom and dad

1. Include Daddy: Whether it’s a co-ed shower or not, snag a few moments before the party to snap some pics of just mommy and daddy. (via Scarlet O’Niell Photography)

onesie table decor

2. Shower Activity: Lots of showers involve a fun activity like this onesie decorating. Make sure there are pictures of the all the before and after shots. (via Katrina Louise Photography)

mom and balloons

3. Balloons: Put your bump below a ginormous balloon and it doesn’t look quite so big anymore. (via Ala Cortez Photography)

parents pics

4. Baby Pictures: Make sure to include baby pictures from the family for a cute li’l vignette like this one. (via M2 Photography)

shower treats

5. Party Treats: Don’t be so focused on the cake. Take some snaps of the other party treats too. (via Kate Webber Photography)

the invite

6. The Invite: There are pictures of the wedding invitations, so why not get a snap of your baby shower invitation? (via Brett Hickman Photography)


7. #Hellobaby: Guests are sure to be snapping pictures with their phones during the whole party. Have your friends use a hashtag to share all those beautiful pics. (via Taya Photography)

frame the bump

8. Frame the Bump: Here’s a fun way to get pics with all your friends. You can frame your face or frame the bump. Bonus points if you include some cute props. (via This is the Life Photography)

guests enjoyment

9. All the Guests: With all that tasty food and good company, everyone is sure to be enjoying themselves. Document the feeling with a candid group picture. (via Refinery 29)

mom and gifts

10. The Gifts: There will definitely be pictures of you opening your gifts. But what about before the unwrapping starts? (via Brian Tropiano Photography)

the kids

11. The Kids: Don’t forget to get a shot of the kiddos at the party. They will definitely be dressed in all their frills and ready for an adorable pic. (via Sweet Root Village Photography)

all hands

12. All Hands: Group shots are great… but all-hands-on-the-bump shots are even better. (via Nicole Paulson Photography)

mom and sibs

13. Siblings: Do you have other children? Get them in a few pics with you and they’ll shine with happiness. (via Mishina Photography)


14. Sip + See: Sometimes babies don’t come when expected. If your little one arrives before the party, host a sip-and-see for everyone to meet your newest addition. Hire a professional photographer for the occasion and include your babe in all the pictures you can. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Do you have any creative picture ideas for a baby shower? Tell us below!