With celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Biel聽announcing pregnancies and Hayden Panettiere聽and Kristen Bell聽recently giving birth, we鈥檝e got babies on the brain at Brit HQ. Aside from the excitement over all the聽adorable babies that will soon be toddling around Hollywood, we鈥檙e always eager to catch a glimpse of a celeb baby shower and steal an idea or two for our own (or our bestie鈥檚). Take a few tips from these new or soon-to-be聽mamas for a truly celeb-inspired baby shower.

Kourtney Kardashian Breakfast Baby Shower

1. Breakfast Baby Shower: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we think Kourtney Kardashian would agree. Whether you opt for a chic Breakfast at Tiffany鈥檚 shower like the one her sisters threw for her聽or a causal breakfast-in-your-pjs vibe, a delicious breakfast spread is sure to be a hit.聽(via Kourtney Kardashian)

Shakira UNICEF Baby Shower

2. Charity Baby Shower: Feeling philanthropic? Follow Shakira鈥榮 lead and host a UNICEF baby shower,聽asking guests to purchase gifts or make a donation to help improve the lives of children living in poverty.聽(via Shakira)

Blake Lively Autumn Baby Shower

3. Seasonal Baby Shower: We fell head over heels for Blake Lively鈥榮 rustic outdoor baby shower last fall. She and her pals celebrated with lanterns and tassels in autumnal hues, as well as baby clothes hung from a clothing line. (via @preserve_us)

Gwen Stefani Rachel Zoe Baby Shower Sweets

4. Gender Reveal Sweets: While gender reveal parties are nothing new, we love that Gwen Stefani and Rachel Zoe chose to reveal the sex of their children using a display of sweet treats for guests to enjoy while celebrating. (via @gwenstefani + @rachelzoe)

Vanessa Lachey Pink and Gold Baby Shower

5. Pink and Gold Chic: An event celebrating you or your bestie鈥檚 pregnancy should be one to remember. Make it chic like Vanessa Lachey鈥檚 baby shower with a little sparkle, gold decor and of course, chevron. Bonus points if your partner attends the shower like Nick did.聽(via @vanessalachey)

Alicia Keys Baby Shower By Husband

6. Couple Baby Shower: Speaking of celeb hubbies, Alicia Keys鈥 man took the heat off of her gal pals and threw her baby shower himself. Gentlemen, take note. (via @therealswizzz)

Fergie Baby Shower Photo Booth

7. Photo Booth: These days, photo booths are a must for any major event. Alongside weddings, parties and the like, we have to agree with Fergie that a baby shower is the perfect place to snap photos with loved ones.聽(via @fergie)

What kind of baby shower would you throw your bestie? How did you celebrate your pregnancy? Chat with us in the comments!