Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend or a family member, congratulations! It seems like everyone is announcing a pregnancy, and it’s time to start thinking about all those baby shower gifts we’re going to give. We’ve got an idea for every little one and all the new parents on your list. From crafty to cute, techy to a little bit crazy, we’ve come up with 22 creative baby shower gifts that are colorful, charming and more useful than the mountain of blankets and itty bitty things those tiny babes will grow out of in a week.

1. Circus Animal Jars: You can paint these awesome jars any color you want, from bold primary colors to glam golds and pinks. Fill them with pacifiers or baby socks to gift, and then Mom can fill them with snacks or stuff for the changing table! (via Evermine)

2. Fabric Blocks: Cover little foam cubes with colorful pieces of fabric for a gift that will last from teething to the building block stage. (via Mimi Matriarchin)

3. Crochet Teething Ring ($17): No toxic plastic for an all-natural baby! With securely attached woolen yarn, this pretty wooden teething toy is a safe play option. And it’s ombre!

4. Quilted Playmat: A playmat makes a great gift for any time of year. You can throw it on the grass in August or lay it on the living room floor in December. It comes together really quickly since it’s not basted, and is completely washable. (via The Purl Bee)

5. Paper Crane Mobile ($43): Every nursery needs some ceiling decor, and this pretty mobile is subtle, simple and classy.

6. Mounted Stuffed Animal Head ($158): Trendy baby definitely requires some faux taxidermy in the nursery!

7. Sock Monkey and Friend: Sock monkeys are a classic and super adorable project. Once you’ve mastered the fine art of the sock monkey, you can make variations to create some friends like this cute raccoon! (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Iiamo Go Self-Heating Bottle ($28): Ideal for the parents who are always on the go, this bottle will warm up milk to a perfect 98 degrees in only four minutes. It doesn’t require electricity, so it’s a must-have for travel or to avoid those late night treks to the kitchen.

9. Disco Jelly Bean ($80): Doesn’t this just look like the most comfortable thing in the world? We are a little jealous of baby…

10. Baby Bullet ($59): Huge props to the mom who is committed to making all-natural baby food, and this little Bullet blender will make her life just a teeny bit easier. Its three-piece batch bowl is perfect for blending large quantities of baby food + it comes with six small, resealable cups to keep food fresh while traveling.

11. Bloomin’ Onesies: Get creative with this flowering basket. Pick a variety of colorful onesies ranging from 3-12 months for the gift that keeps on giving. (Club Chica Circle)

12. Fortune Cookie Booties ($29): These are the reason people have babies… so we can buy adorable fortune cookie booties that even come with good fortunes!

13. Sophie the Giraffe ($20): Hailed as the world’s only 100% natural rubber teething toy, and the most gifted baby item on Amazon, Sophie the Giraffe has been called a miracle worker for grumpy, teething babies.

14. Infantino Squeeze Station ($25): The Squeeze Station is a one-stop solution that presses delicious, homemade baby food into easy-to-store, ready-to-serve pouches. A super idea for taking snacks on the go, without needing spoons or bowls. This device will come in handy long into the toddler years.

15. Halo Sleep Sack ($22-25): As much as we adore beautiful baby blankets, the safest bed for a newborn is one without any blankets or pillows. A cozy sleep sack is a wise choice for keeping baby protected and warm.

16. Wooden iPhone Teether ($12): We can’t decide if this is hilarious or ridiculous. We’ll let you be the judge.

17. Burt’s Bees for Baby ($36): There is nothing better than soft, soft baby skin, and here is a lovely gift set to keep their skin as soft and natural as the day they were born. This bundle even includes a little surprise for Mom.

18. Hand Stamped Onesie: We love us a good onesie, and this hand-stamped DIY is sure to keep any little one headed in the right direction. Once you learn how easy stamping is, you might want even to create some matching leggings and a couple bibs! (via For The Love Of)

19. Blank Canvas Bib ($15): Every meal is a masterpiece with this funny bib. Printed with a gallery scene, silhouetted figures stare up at baby’s dribble du jour.

20. Sequin Heart Headband: Too. Much. Cute. Also, this is really easy to make, so you can gift one in every color! (via Hello Bee)

21. DIY Pacifier Clips: All you need is some colorful ribbon and mitten clips for these trendy pacifier clips. (via Project Nursery)

22. Cloud Moon Star Mobile: Only sweet dreams happen under this delicate, nocturnal mobile. (via Vortellung Van Schon)

What do you think of these fun baby gifts? Will you be buying or DIY-ing for your next baby shower? Let us know in the comments below!