Thanks to a recent explosion of apps that promise to help you organize everything, it often feels like we have almost limitless tools for whipping our to-do lists, calendars, and — generally — our lives into shape. Technology has made it possible for us to keep track of almost everything right from the palm of our hands. Awesome, right? Well, mostly. As useful as these tools are, we have to admit that organizing our lives digitally does take some of the fun and creativity out of the whole process. Remember those Lisa Frank binders you were so into when you were a kid? If there’d been an app to keep track of your assignments back in the ’90s, you may not have needed those adorable notebooks, and you would have missed out on a major opportunity to let your colorful, puppy-loving flag fly. Truly tragic.

In this spirit, we’re sharing five fun and creative tools you can use to get organized IRL, no apps necessary. These DIY items and projects will help you streamline your planner, office, and workspace — and they’ll look good doing it.

1. Brit + Co DIY Planners ($15 for larger size, $6 for mini binder): We’re taking our love of all things colorful, fun, and customizable to new heights this month with the release of our new line of planners — and trust us; your organization-obsessed self is going to seriously benefit. Our DIY planners will be available exclusively at Target, but the super cute binder- and spiral-style notebooks are only the beginning. You’ll be able to buy tons of fun add-ons (can you say coloring book inserts? Dry erase boards? Cool pocket folders?) to make your planner entirely and uniquely you. And if you were looking for one more perk, we’ve got it. For every planner purchased, you’ll get access to a free Brit + Co Online Class, which means you’ll get to keep your creative juices flowing!

2. Mood Board: If you’re the kind of girl who always has a million and one creative ideas buzzing around her head, you may already have a mood board hanging in your home or office to help you keep all of your inspo front and center — and at least a little organized. Why not take this concept a step further? Your calendars and to-do lists don’t need to live entirely apart from the things that inspire you! Consider adding additional function to your mood board by creating pre-determined areas perfectly suited for your written schedule and other documents that help keep your life in order. You’ll be more motivated to stay the course of your organizational goals if you get to stare at pretty things in the process. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Wall Pockets: No matter how neat we try to be, it seems like there is never an end to the random documents that can accumulate on a desk. How are you supposed to get anything accomplished when your workspace is covered with old envelopes, loose scrap paper, and Post-its with notes that once made sense, but suddenly feel totally overwhelming? The truth is that you really can’t get anything accomplished under cluttered circumstances, so why not try corralling the mess with a set of wall pockets? Get creative with your DIY by decorating the pockets any way you choose! Who says feathers and sequins don’t have a place here? (via Emily Henderson)

4. Hidden Charging Station: Is the mess of charging cords on your desk bringing you down? We’ve been there. As much as we love our devices, keeping them powered up at all times can add an additional level of chaos to our lives that we just don’t need. Streamline the process and create an additional design element for your workspace by turning an old book into the perfect secret phone charging station. You’ll know exactly where your phone is at all times, and if you choose a book that makes you feel especially inspired, the sky’s the limit for your productivity. (via HGTV)

5. Mounted Clipboards: Grab some inexpensive clipboards, throw on some paint, glitter, and Washi tape, and before you know it, you’ll be face-to-face with a totally customizable and entirely creative Pinterest board IRL. This kind of clipboard organization system is the perfect way to sort out important documents, keep track of your schedule (consider a clipboard for every day of the week or month of the year), or transform your favorite magazine clippings from clutter into art. (via Brit + Co)

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