When it comes to engagement photos, we’re used to seeing some pretty sappy snaps – kissing, cuddles, googly eyes, all that jazz. One thing we don’t often see as props? Exercise equipment. For this couple, though, a photo session in the gym just made total sense.


These engagement photos, which were shot by photographers Sean and Cricket Whitman of Cricket’s Photography, offer up a peek inside the sporty connection between Iliana and Joe. The Florida-based couple are both trainers, who spend most of their downtime working out together at their local CrossFit High-Intensity gym. So while it’s definitely unconventional, shooting their engagement pictures in that setting seemed like a natural fit.


While themed photos always run the risk of turning out corny or gimmicky, lliana and Joe’s photos feel like a genuine representation of their shared passion. The photographer, Sean Whitman told Mic, “It wasn’t about showing off what they can do, but really about them as a couple.” We see them hanging upside down, sneaking a kiss behind a giant wheel and holding hands atop an epic robe climb. No sun-soaked, fake laughing in a field of flowers for these two.


The bride-to-be told Huffington Post, “On the days we have off together, this [CrossFit] is what we look forward to doing.” She goes on to say,”It’s a hobby we are both really passionate about and that’s something we like to do together. It’s really fun that you can share it with somebody that you love.”

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(Photos via Cricket’s Photography)