One glimpse at a Richard Simmons VHS and it鈥檚 immediately pretty obvious that popular fitness regimens aren鈥檛 exactly what they used to be. While we used to do aerobics in super-saturated patterns and sweatbands, folks are now freaking out over everything from SoulCylce to Barre class. To highlight the changes in workout trends throughout history, Benenden Health, a UK mutual society, has put together a video聽showing major workout trends from 1910 up聽to present day.

Snowballing off the beauty videos and body image infographic that follow a similar format, the video starts with a gal in traditional early 20th-century garb doing stretches 鈥 because c鈥檓on, what else could you really do in those corsets? Things remain pretty much the same in the 鈥20s, but then make a more active shift during the next ten years.

Once 1940 hit, many women started exercising at home. While ladies began to work out more, a restricted diet due to the war was primarily responsible for an increase in overall health. Then we move more into the trends we know: the 鈥50s were full of hula hoops, the 鈥60s offered up the 鈥淭rim Twist鈥 and the 鈥70s and 鈥80s consisted mostly of jazzercise and aerobics.


And for the workout trend that鈥檚 most popular today?聽Benenden Health pins Zumba as the winner. In an intensive report accompanying the video they write, 鈥淲e remained dotty for dance, as the 2010s waved goodbye to street dance and welcomed in a new fast-paced fitness trend.鈥

Based how ridiculous those jazzercise moves look to us now, we can only imagine what Zumba will look like come 2050.

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