From beauty DIYs to restaurant-worthy turkey recipes, there’s a surprising number of things you can make out of Thanksgiving leftovers. But whether or not you choose to do anything with the leftovers, chances are your guests will want to take some home for themselves (because nobody makes pumpkin cheesecake quite like Gran). Instead of turning to Ziplock bags and aluminum foil as a last resort, impress guests with your thoughtful thinking ahead and send them home with these stylish Thanksgiving leftover box ideas.

Printable "To Go" Pie Thanksgiving Leftover Boxes

1. Printable “To Go” Pie Boxes: Nobody wants to see good pie go to waste. Save yourself from it happening with these handy printable pie boxes that can transport extra slices home with guests after the festivities come to an end. (via Curbly)

Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Pie Labels

2. Printable Leftover Pie Labels: If you already have pie boxes but wouldn’t mind sprucing them up, turn to these cute and colorful labels. Just print them onto adhesive paper to easily stick them onto the boxes. Otherwise, you can print them on card stock and use a glue stick. (via Striped Cat Studio / Studio DIY)

Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers

3. Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers: These printable labels are so versatile, you can stick them onto just about any container. Go with these classic take-out boxes or maybe even mason jars. (via Alice & Lois)

DIY Paper Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Leftovers

4. DIY Paper Pumpkin Pie: It doesn’t get much cuter than these to-go boxes made to look like pumpkin pie. Even if you don’t use them to hold pie, they’d make excellent Friendsgiving favor boxes. (via Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake)

DIY Caramel Sauce Thanksgiving Leftovers

5. DIY Caramel Sauce: Gift guests this sweet treat as a party favor, or simply use the mason jar as inspo for taking home leftovers. Add a hearty helping of cranberry sauce, gravy or stuffing in a lidded mason jar and send your friends on their way. (via Boxwood Avenue)


6. DIY Fall Hostess Gift Basket: If you anticipate there being a surplus of leftover food, a gift basket may be the way to go. You can even bring it back around as a holiday hostess gift idea. (via Boxwood Avenue)

DIY Thanksgiving Leftover Paper Pie Boxes

7. DIY Thanksgiving Paper Pie Boxes: Capture the essence of autumn with these cute printed paper pie boxes. Just tie them off with a piece of ribbon or string and you’re done! (via Bugaboo City)

DIY Thanksgiving Menu Iron-on Tote Bag

8. DIY Thanksgiving Menu Iron-on Tote Bag: For a fancier option, DIY an iron-on tote bag for each of your guests. The favors will come in handy not just for taking home leftovers, but to use all throughout the holiday season. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)


9. Printable Gobble It Up Tags: Make sure they get the message with these “Gobble It Up” labels. Just paste them onto clear bags and add ribbon and sweet treats. (via Bloom Designs Online)

Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Labels

10. Printable Leftover Labels: Reminiscent of chalkboard signs, these fancy leftover bags couldn’t be easier to make! Simply print out these leftover labels, cut them out, fold over a bag and staple. (via Oh Happy Day)


11. Printable Sweetie Pie Mini Pie Favors: Make your guests feel *extra* special with these adorable “Sweetie Pie” boxes. Just print them out, cut, fold and paste, and you have these adorable little mini pie boxes that will have everyone thinking you’ve gone professional pie-maker. (via The Party Girl)


12. DIY Print on Paper Bags: Turn an ordinary gift bag into a fun and festive take-out bag without having to pay to have it customized. Simply remove the bag handles (which you can reattach later), tape down the top and bottom of the bag and print the label directly onto it. (via Create Craft Love)


13. Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Take-Home Bags and Labels: No need to fuss with adhesives with this printable! These cheery designs can be printed on standard-size brown paper bags, or grab bags in a variety of hues to add a bit of color. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)


14. DIY Printable Leftover Pie Boxes: Never mind Tupperware — these adorable pie boxes are just begging to be used. And with a variety of designs to choose from (pumpkin, pecan, cherry and apple), you can coordinate the box to the type of pie they hold. (via The House That Lars Built)


15. Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers: For bags that look like you paid to have them customized, print the free leftover labels onto a plain take-out bag. Use a wide-format printer or visit your local office supply store. (via Pizzazzerie)


16. DIY Thanksgiving Leftover Bags: Give those leftovers a personalized touch with DIY gift bags. Using plain brown bags, use alphabet stickers to spell out a silly saying or a Sharpie to show off your calligraphy skills. (via Our Holly Days)


17. Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers: Send leftovers home in these to-go boxes featuring printable labels and a decorative ribbon. Opt for an earthy colored ribbon to match your festive Thanksgiving party. (via Simply Kierste Design Co.)


18. Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Labels: For labels as classy as the party you hosted, print out these freebies. The simple but beautiful calligraphy labels will seal whatever container you choose. (via Oh Happy Day)

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