You have to admit that when social dating apps and sites like started to become so popular, you were probably a little bit skeptical. Like, it’s basically making Internet stalking an acceptable form of courtship, right? Okay, maybe that’s over-simplifying things, but the point is that people came around to it. It’s easy, convenient and the perfect way to casually date.

But now, there’s a new thin, called virtual reality dating, and at first, we just couldn’t wrap our heads around it, much less strap on a VR (virtual reality) headset in hopes of bonding with our future life partners. The project is actually called Cyborg Dating, but it’s not quite as sci-fi as it sounds.


With Cyborg Dating, one person wears the Google Cardboard VR headset in which they see a GPS-based computer-generated forest. The other person serves as a guide, navigating the VR-immersed through the real-life city streets. They’re each given advice on things to say or do. It’s kind of romantic, if you think about it. The hand-holding and the trust you have to have in each other is sure to make for a fun experience that’s way more unique than dinner and a movie.


The project is the result of a collaboration between a researcher and a game designer, and it’s creating a whole new way to go on dates. It won’t help you meet your next true love, but it will help you break the ice and hopefully rid you of those first-date jitters. In fact, this could be a great way for long-term couples to spark romance through a new adventure. It’s actually an attempt to make virtual reality feel more real, by enhancing it with the help of another person.

The project is not yet public, but hopefully will be in the future. Until then, swipe on, lovers. Swipe on.

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