The thing with to-do lists is that they can be really scary. You start off with good intentions and a ton of ambitious goals, but soon enough, you’re staring at more work than any human could finish in one day, and all you want to do is flee to your bed and hope that someone does it all for you somehow. #BeenThere. Daily is a to-do app that really wants to free you from all of your tasks, just like the day before summer vacation when you’ve really, truly finished everything you have to do.


Turns out, the reason we hardly ever feel truly free from all of our to-dos comes down to science. Apparently, when our to-do list gets to more than six tasks, our brains get overwhelmed and it makes it really difficult to focus on any of them. Even if you finish your daily tasks, you start freaking out about future tasks and you can’t even enjoy being done for the day. Daily helps you get into that pre-vacation mode of clarity by only allowing you six tasks to accomplish and not even letting your mind wander to all of the other crap you have to do tomorrow and next week.


Daily is so simple and so freeing. In the morning, just fill in your six (or fewer) tasks for the day and when you’re done with them, chilax. You deserve it. Your brain deserves it. It’s productivity at its finest! You can still fill in future things that you have to do or recurring things like paying rent, but all of those tasks are hanging out in the “not today” tab, waiting to pop up only when you need them.


The app is available for the iPhone and iPad and you can get it in the App Store for $.99. Download it now, and feel the giddy abandon of really having nothing to do until tomorrow.

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