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We can always count on Oreo to put a craveable twist on its classic sandwich cookie — peppermint bark and The Most Stuf Oreos as the most recent examples. Though many of these products hit shelves for a limited amount of time, the iconic cookie company’s newest flavor, Dark Chocolate, is a permanent addition… and we got a first taste.

The new Oreos will feature the classic chocolate wafers with a decadent dark chocolate creme filling in between. We opened the package and couldn’t believe how dark the filling actualy is… it’s nearly black! But don’t let that charcoal color dissuade you from diving in. Vanilla and chocolately scents fill the air. The crisp cookie paves way to a semisweet filling that doesn’t have the bitter or tannic finish some dark chocolates have. It tastes, as the package promises, just like “delicious real cocoa flavor.” While some tasters still admitted they prefer the classic to these, the majority claimed they enjoyed this rich version more. The only thing that could possibly improve the experience? A big glass of cold milk for dunking, of course!

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