For years, we鈥檝e been hearing the stats on how much that little Starbucks habit can set you back 鈥 and while that info isn鈥檛 necessarily enough to drop our caramelized honey lattes completely (we鈥檙e only human, after all), 聽it鈥檚 definitely enough to make us slow our roll. If your pocketbook is feeling a little, uh, lighter than usual these days, you鈥檙e not alone. Recent reports on what millennials spend money on have tracked where a聽large chunk of your change is going, but as it turns out, there鈥檚 an app on your phone that also might be sucking you dry 鈥 on average, to the tune of more than $1,000.


Connections.Mic is holding up a聽mirror to our spending habits and聽letting us know exactly how much we鈥檙e spending on our latest collective-yet-costly addiction: share-a-ride apps like Uber and Lyft.聽While the company said its sample size was fairly small, they found that, on average, most polled spent about $22.50 a week on either Uber or Lyft 鈥 that鈥檚 about $90 a month聽or roughly $1,080 a year, for those doing the math.

One user admitted to spending even more, to the tune of $50-60 per week. Yikes. That鈥檚 a fairly large chunk of change, especially considering the fact that most of the people polled had public transportation options available to them.聽While most were ultimately not willing to delete the app completely in favor of convenience or even safety, users did cite several things you can do to minimize the damage to your wallet, such as switching between apps when surge pricing is too high and avoiding peak ride-share hours.

Hey, every little bit helps!

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(h/t Connections Mic, photos via Lyft聽+ Getty)