Whether your preference is snowy mountains or sunny beaches, laid back small towns or bustling big cities, there’s no doubt that the United States has something for everyone when it comes to choosing where you want to live your best life. Maybe you want to find the best city for jobs, or the easiest city to find love in or even the best city to get fit in. Or maybe you just want to reside in the #1 place to live in the country, a superlative that is currently going to Denver, CO.


Based on factors like quality of life and the local job market, U.S. News did a serious study to find the best places to live in the country. They awarded Denver an impressive rank of 7.8 out of a total score of 10. The number also took into consideration the desire of those who live there to remain doing so. That 7.8 clearly shows that Denver is doing just fine when it comes to wooing its residents.


So what can the “Mile High City” offer you? Well, way up at a 5,280-foot elevation, there’s gorgeous nature at the base of the Rocky Mountains (a whopping and wonderful 5,000 acres of parks, trails, golf courses and playgrounds), fabulous shopping and, of course, legalized marijuana. Apparently the mountains aren’t the only things that are high in Denver. Wink!

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(Photos via David Parsons/Getty)