We live for creative projects that celebrate the funky, freaky and weird ways our brains function. Take for instance IDEO’s Designs On— projects. Each year, the firm that coined the terms “design thinking” and “creative confidence” chooses a topic to explore in a design playground of their wildest imaginations. A couple of years ago, that topic was birth. We’re a little baby crazy around these parts these days, so we had to share six of our favorite faux products in all their glory for you dads and moms-to-be. The ideas are sweet, snarky and, surprisingly to us, could actually be pretty useful.

1. Baby Phone: Condition your kiddo before he or she is out of the womb to get used to spending countless hours on the phone with you on a daily basis. Then, when they head off to school, picking up the cell and dialing your digits will be ingrained in their soul.

2. Dad T-Shirt: If there’s one way men like to communicate their thoughts, beliefs and feelings, it’s via a t-shirt. This one lets any Pops write down his excuses, explanations and feelings on a piece of fabric and proudly wear them across his chest.

3. Deliver Casual: Another one for the frantic father, this kit comes complete with whiskey to calm your nerves, leather gloves for dads to drive more steadily to the hospital and pre-completed hospital forms.

4. Labor: We have to say our favorite of all might be the IKEA-inspired manual on how the entire process of having a kid must be “assembled,” from conception to making room in the new household. But if you’ve ever read an IKEA instruction book before — well, let’s just say you might not get this right the first time.

5. Dice: The Magic 8-Ball of the birthing world, this hilarious set of dice predicts what your new kid may look or be like. While there’s nothing scientific or accurate about this, when you’re dealing with all those baby preparations, sometimes a little laughter is just what the doctor ordered.

6. What I Am Made Of Onesie: From 8% oranges to 2% croissants and less guac than our future offspring will be made of, this rainbow-hued onesie graphs out exactly what went into your little one while he was a part of you for those nine months.

What do you think of Designs On— birth series? Funny and cute or what? Tell us your thoughts below.