Sound the royal trumpets! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will soon be adding a new baby to their growing lineage of perfection. We know it’s gonna be hard to top the cuteness level of the little Prince George, buuuut we have no doubts that the queen of the envious blowout and the king of charm will bring us yet another sovereign sweetie that we will easily dote upon night and day. And this royal baby announcement has us pondering another big question: What the heck do you buy a new mother who literally has it all? Finding a fab gift requires a little creativity, and some good old Google investigations — or this list overflowing with gift ideas that new moms will love, love, love.

1. Birchbox Beauty Subcription ($10 per month): Surprise beauty treats in the mail each month? What girl could resist? We especially love this idea for a mom-in-waiting because it’s a fun way to let her try to new products at a time when her beauty routine (like her body) is likely to undergo many changes.

2. Triple C for J.Crew Universal Charger ($40): From her first Lamaze class to the day of the big delivery, the new mom will love having this handy gadget around to ensure that all her devices are charged and ready for capturing fun memories of the entire journey.

3. Hand Embroidered Silhouette Portrait ($110): Here’s a one-of-a-kind gift… just like the mother-to-be.

4. Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit ($36): It’s a soothing stretch mark prevention kit, need we truly say more?

5. Jonathan Adler Toms ($59): Who said you have to sacrifice cuteness for comfort? During pregnancy, feet tend to swell and hurt (thanks to the extra weight of that little bundle of joy). New moms will love being able to rock cute shoes like these that won’t have her begging for the nearest pair of bath slippers.

6. Massage Envy Prenatal Massage ($50): A relaxing massage that helps reduce the everyday discomforts of pregnancy? Yeah, we think she’ll be pleased as punch to accept.

7. Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy ($10): None other than Jenny McCarthy has penned a need-to-know guide that breaks down exactly what anyone needs to expect when she’s expecting. Oh, and it’s full of giggle-inducing moments, too.

8. Merry Maids Cleaning Services (Varies): You know what is the very last thing a new mom wants to do? Clean… the answer is clean. Considering all the running around and taking care of baby (and herself), this gift will be like a special present sent from heaven.

9. Mum Bub Soothing Giftset (Varies): Mum Bub products are free of harsh chemicals and great for the skin of both mom and the new baby boy or girl. We don’t think it gets much better than a gift she can use before and after baby.

10. Pregnancy Lift + Support Leggings ($64): The website calls these “a game changer that you will love to live in.” Seriously, your preggo pal is going to be wearing these every single time you see her from now until her due date.

11. You + Me Concierge Date Service (Varies): New moms and dads need a break and time alone from time to time. With You + Me Concierge, you can give them just that — a special date night on you. Extra points if you volunteer to babysit.

12. MaMentos Bundle of Joy Journal Set ($23): New momma will enjoy documenting the memories and quirks of pregnancy and childbirth thanks to this low-pressure, question-filled “before child” and “after delivery” journal set.

13. Fourth Love Ellie Tank Dress ($115): This life milestone means investing in a brand new wardrobe. But maternity attire can often be drab, so we love the idea of gifting a colorful addition (like this adorbz tank dress) to her “dress the bump” collection.

14. Casa + Co Linen Pillows ($65 each): Mark our words: these will become her favorite nap time cuddle buddies. That is, until that snuggly baby comes along.

15. Fertile Mind Belly Belt Combo Kit ($20): A simple, comfortable product that allows moms to turn their regular jeans into pregnancy pants — now that’s a winning gift!

16. Blue Apron Box ($60 for three meals): Another task that new moms don’t want to juggle along with caring for the new little one — grocery shopping and difficult meal prep. Make life easier for her by taking both of those things off her shoulders with this handy dandy subscription service that delivers fast, simple recipes and all their ingredients right to her front door!

17. Scotch Naturals On The Rocks Top Coat Polish ($15): With baby on the way (or baby by your side), it can be difficult for moms to drop into the salon for a weekly mani. A great strengthening topcoat like this one from Scotch Natural will help her keep her nails looking fresh until that next mommy getaway comes along.

18. Nest Bump Heartburn Relief System ($199): Being preggo comes with a lot of unfortunate side effects. One of the worst? Horrible heartburn. So why not give the gift of sweet, sweet relief?

19. Embrace Pregnancy Journal ($17): Whether it’s super sketch dreams or wacky cravings, this fun journal makes it a blast to document every single detail from conception to carry home.

20. Storq Basics Bundle ($195): Dressing the bump requires a few basics — a cute skirt, a pair of great leggings, a basic white tank and a wear-everywhere black dress. Thanks to Storq, you can get all four deliver to the growing momma with one simple click.

21. eCreamery Pregnancy Cravings Ice Cream Collection ($50): The next time she gets a serious craving for some midnight ice cream, have it waiting right there for her with this delicious sample collection made just for moms-to-be. Warning: Pickles not included.

22. Sugar and Milk Stationery Set ($18): Everybody loves a super fab set of thank you cards, but the real bonus points come in when they poke fun at the realities of parenthood.

23. Dottie Nursing Chemise ($59): This jammy is perfect sleepy time style that’s great for wear pre- and post-baby.

24. Nine Naturals Pregnancy Travel Gift Set ($48): This is the grab-and-throw-in-the-diaper-bag set for a mom on the go. And all the products smell yummy, too.

25. Coach Baby Tote Bag in Saffiano Leather ($398): Got a chic momma in your life? This is a gift that was truly made for her. But… c’mon now, every new mom will love a gift this luxurious whether she’s a yoga pants diva or a Chanel-wearing fireball.

26. Modern Eclectic Mini Notebooks ($15): The wham bam notebooks are totally flirty and totally useful for those moments when she needs to jot down the number of a potential sitter or playdate friend.

27. Marlow Maternity Tab Dress ($199): Now this is a dress that mom and baby will be proud to rock for nine months! That’s right, even baby will feel chic when mommy steps out in this pretty number.

28. Harvey Prince Scents of Purpose Gift Set ($60): A perfume match for every mood swing…. okay, okay… not really, but every girl could use a few scents from the oh-so-fab Harvey Prince. Seriously, they smell that amazing.

29. Free People Shibori Kimono ($98): Lounging around the house. Breastfeeding on the evening train. Dressing up for a fun night out. This colorful and unique piece is great for the many roles of mom.

30. You’re F’N Awesome, Just Like Me Candle ($18): For the new mom who is as sweet as she is sassy, there’s a relaxing soy candle for that.

31. Thoughtful IOUs: At the end of the day, tangible gifts are nice, but a really special way to treat a new mom is to help her out when she’s up to her eyeballs in doing chores, caring for baby and juggling everyday life. We propose gifting the new mom in your life a few thoughtful IOUs (on cute stationery like the example show above). Trust us, she’ll appreciate the helping hand.

32. Philosophy For Mommy With Love Set ($32): When Philosophy tackles the beauty needs of a new mom, you can count on it being good. This bath set does not (let us repeat: does not) disappoint.

33. Double Strand Initial Necklace ($105): Ahhh, we can’t get enough of this mom-inspired monogram necklace, which features the first initial of both the new mommy and the new baby. Totally sweet, right?

34. Crisp + Co. Pickles Variety Pack ($25): In case she needs another goodie for when the peculiar cravings set in, here’s a variety pack of pickles.

35. Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD ($28): Managing workouts post-baby are a challenging part of motherhood, especially for those who feel uncomfortable hitting the local gym just weeks after giving birth to human life. This DVD makes it easy for a new mom to tackle their fitness at their own pace and in their own home — an idea we can all get behind.

36. Dip-Dyed Scarf ($30): Colorful, creative and cute — words that will put a smile on the face of any new mom-to-be all combined into one wearable item.

37. Nature Bath Organic Bath Oil: Sometimes a girl just needs to take a relaxing bubble bath. Most of those times happen during pregnancy, so what are you waiting for? Get that new mom prepped for many soothing soaks to come!

38. Minnetonka ‘Cally’ Slippers ($39): A slipper lined with soft fur (faux, of course), these had to have been made with pregnancy feet in mind.

39. Monogram Watercolor Cards ($36): We’ve probably said it before, but we’ll say it again: You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of pretty paper products.

40. Candle Trio ($48): New moms often really, really need a good vacation. When your preggo pal can’t pick up her suitcase and jump on a plane at the drop of a hat, these exotic, hand-poured scents will transport her to the landscape of her choosing, whether that’s by the sea, in the middle of a vast lavender field or in the depths of an earthy forest.

Now you tell us — what are your favorite gift ideas for a new mom?