Feeling irritable and out of sorts while you’re reading this? Don’t let a hangry state get the best of you during the work day. Instead, stash a few of these 14 homemade snacks in your desk drawer to nip it in the bud. Imagine: No more last-ditch visits to the community candy dish or scrounging through your pockets to get enough change for the vending machine. Sounds good, right? Featuring a slew of brain foods with the occasional indulgence, we’re definitely seeing a productivity boost in your future.


1. Fruit Leather: Make these honey-sweetened fruit snacks for yourself and any kiddos you might pack lunches for. It’s time to leave those roll-ups that we grew up with on the grocery store shelf where they belong. (via Brit + Co)


2. Coffee + Sugar Crusted Almonds: You’ll love the energy boost that these coffee-crusted almonds provide. (via Lady and Pups)


3. Blueberry Greek Yogurt Granola Bars: Loaded with blueberries and Greek yogurt, these bars are just as good for a grab-and-go breakfast. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)


4. Brown Butter Maple Rum Party Mix: HR would probably have a problem with you stashing a flask in your drawer, but this rum-spiked mix can be our little (practically booze-free) secret. (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)


5. Cinnamon Maple Caramel Popcorn (Vegan): Sliced almonds add a nice crunch to this dairy-free caramel corn, but you don’t have to stop there. Stir in chocolate chips, dried fruit and whatever else your heart desires. (via Cookie and Kate)


6. DIY Cheez Its: One of our childhood faves has gone and grown up with this DIY (awww). Take your pick of classic cheddar, basil-mozzarella, gruyere-pepper or a mix of all three. (via Brit + Co)


7. Coconut Almond Bars: Be kind to your wallet and make your own protein-packed snack bars for a fraction of the cost. (via Feasting at Home)


8. Dehydrated Kiwi Chips: If your snack preferences skew to the sweet-sour side, these kiwi chips are for you. A handful of the crisp-chewy nibbles is a great way to satisfy candy cravings — no dehydrator required. (via Thriving on Paleo)


9. DIY Microwave Popcorn: Stash a few brown paper bags and a jarful of kernels in your desk as a healthy upgrade to the usual prepackaged microwave popcorn. (via Bless This Mess)


10. Whole Wheat Cheese Crackers: A cross between Goldfish crackers and Cheez Its, the whole wheat flour in these tasty biscuits will definitely go unnoticed. For a spicy twist, add a few pinches of garlic powder and cayenne to kick things up. (via Double Thyme)


11. Raw Fusion Bars: Enjoy the contrast of fruit, nuts and seeds in these chewy-crunchy bars. (via Our Paleo Life)


12. Chocolate Nut Crunch Granola: You don’t have to feel badly about eating this chocolatey granola one bit. Whole grain oats, almonds and hazelnuts form a blend that totally hits the spot. (via Wife Mama Foodie)


13. No-Bake Snack Bites: Pop a few of these bites as you rush to your next meeting; they’re sure to add some pep to your presentation or at least power you through to mealtime. (via Jessica Gavin)


14. Chocolate Covered Chicharrones: Sometimes you just need a sweet and savory snack. Trust us, these pork rinds know how to get the job done. (via Jules Food…)

What are some of you favorite snacks to nosh on during the work day? Share your tips and recipes with us below!