Tomorrow happens to be the 10th anniversary of The Devil Wears Prada (can you believe it?!), and while you’re re-watching one of your all-time favorite movies, you can also apply for this job at fashion e-commerce site Lyst that will make your Miranda Priestly-dominated dreams come true.

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Lyst, based in New York, is a “technology platform that revolutionizes the way people shop for fashion” (did you say “fashion”?). Inspired by The Devil Wears Prada and celebrating the movie’s decade of awesomeness, Lyst is looking for their very own Andy Sachs, and it could be you. “We’re seeking a passionate and capable Second Assistant (SA) to join our team in Lyst’s New York office,” the job ad explains. Though this is an unpaid position, the person who gets the gig will be working “alongside the First Assistant (FA)” to “own the Editorial Director’s (ED) office and her personal affairs — a crucial support to the most influential job in the company.”

According to the listed deets, you’ll be getting coffee, picking up clothes from designer offices and even be making nightly deliveries of the editorial book and dry cleaning to the Editorial Director’s home (“only once you’re no longer considered a psycho”). Just remember, don’t go upstairs!


If the film tells us anything, you’ll also be taking phone calls, tracking down unreleased Harry Potter manuscripts and jetting off to Paris for fashion week, as well as getting the chance to hook up with BOTH Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier. Although, that’s just a guess. When in doubt, just make like Emily Blunt’s character and repeat the mantra above to yourself.

If you’re doubting this gig, then be assured that, yes, it’s a real job that will begin in August. But be prepared for some competition, because there are already over 650 applications so far (and we’re sure it won’t be exactly like the movie, because labor laws). “I’m willing to sell my soul to the devil for this position,” one applicant wrote. “I swear I’ll stay away from the corn chowder, but I can’t promise anything with regard to the onion bagels,” wrote another.

Good luck out there!

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