Hey, doodle lover! Do you wanna turn your drawings into digital artwork? Great! We have just the class!

Say hello to Digital Illustration in Adobe Illustrator.

Taught by illustrator and author Becky Simpson, this beginner-friendly course will teach you the creative skills to start designing a custom collection of illustrations.


The best part? You can share your designs on Instagram, as a desktop wallpaper, a card, or heck, even on a t-shirt. Just look at all the fun creations Becky has made (and sells!).

In Becky鈥檚 class, you鈥檒l learn how to digitize drawings and create custom designs in Adobe Illustrator. She鈥檒l walk you through a few basic sketching techniques and how to upload and digitize those images using various tools, techniques and shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator.


Can鈥檛 sketch? Don鈥檛 consider yourself an artist? Not to worry!

You don鈥檛 have to be Picasso to make an amazing digital design. Becky will teach you how to take your original sketch and then use Adobe Illustrator to touch-up, edit and polish into a final design. It鈥檚 amazing to watch it all come together and you鈥檒l be so proud of your final digital illustration.

At the end of her class, you鈥檒l know how to:

  • Turn an inspired sketch into a digital illustration (and ultimately a custom design!)
  • Use Adobe Illustrator to trace, paint and modify your design until it鈥檚 just right
  • Apply Becky鈥檚 shortcuts and techniques for working in Adobe Illustrator like a pro

As a bonus, you鈥檒l also get exclusive access to Becky鈥檚 seven-page workbook that includes:

  • Her list of class supplies and bonus tools
  • Her tips and tricks for working in Adobe Illustrator (great for beginners!)
  • An overview of the tools used in each lesson
  • Inspiration for continuing your creative endeavors in Adobe Illustrator

Are you ready to create fun digital illustrators? Enroll in this beginner-friendly design class today!


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