We鈥檙e huge fans of the digital era, dipping our hands in everything from coding to social media to e-classes.聽But as much as we love our digital lives, constantly being in a realm of filters and hashtags can bring about some serious fatigue. And FOMO is now a real condition thanks to all those 鈥減ristine鈥 lives we scroll through. After weighing both sides of the coin, it seems that 鈥 like chocolate and wine 鈥 we can add the Internet to the list of stuff to enjoy in moderation. If you鈥檙e wondering how to go about it, we鈥檙e taking our cues from filmmaker Tiffany Schlain, who鈥檚 taken the traditional Shabbat and translated it to a 24-hour unplugging period for her family.聽She uses this video to explain her own reasoning for this weekly tradition, and to offer some tips.

With all screens powered off, Tiffany聽and her brood take the time offline to reconnect. They鈥檝e been working this Friday night tradition for six years 鈥 with great success 鈥 and聽aren鈥檛 planning on dropping it聽anytime soon. If you too are in need of some digital detoxing, here are a few things to keep you busy (and productive) when you鈥檙e taking a break from your Facebook and Instagram feed.

rope bowl

1. Make Something: Taking a breather from the Internet, even if only for a day, will give you聽lots of time to tackle fun projects like these dip-dyed bowls. With the process-oriented nature of this DIY, everyone can have a hand in putting this project together.

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2. Go Shopping: Heading to the farmers鈥 market while you鈥檙e on your offline siesta is a fun way for you + your crew to get out into the sunshine and enjoy nature鈥檚 bounty, especially with all those fresh, delicious summer offerings. Take time enjoying the different stands, and be sure to chat up your vendors to get in the know about preparing new foods.聽(Photo聽via Justin Sullivan/Getty)


3. Fire Up the Oven: Speaking of food, the fab produce you鈥檒l find at the farmers鈥 market is perfect for serving alongside a comforting meal, like this easy Spanish-style casserole. Pairing something this simple with superbly fresh ingredients is always a winning combination. (via A Night Owl Blog)


4. Flex Those Green Thumbs: Getting away from your tech for a little while is an opportune time to reconnect with nature. For a homey touch, build a vertical herb garden that can hang indoors or outdoors and can be added to over time and harvested again and again.

blanket shorts

5. Whip Up Some New Duds: Use time away to breathe new life into old items. With an old blanket you can adorn shorts, make pillows and even craft some jewelry. See, there鈥檚 lots to do that will look great without those Instagram filters聽;)

What are your digital habits? Could you use a break聽from technology? Let us know what you think in the comments!