Disney’s New Star Wars Hotel Will Let You Play a Character Throughout Your Stay
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Disney’s New Star Wars Hotel Will Let You Play a Character Throughout Your Stay

Disney certainly knows how to create fantasy-like experiences, such as double dating with our fave fairy-tale couple and making our dreams a reality with attractions like their stunning Pandora a la Avatar. And now, they’re doing it again with their new Star Wars hotel that will feature a totally immersive experience by allowing you to play a character throughout your stay.

Opening in Orlando, many details are still being kept under wraps (for instance: when we can expect it to be ready), but what we do know is that, according to Condé Nast Traveller, Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek described the new 14-acre property as “a luxury resort with an immersion in an authentic Star Wars environment.” Translation: a whole lotta spacey, sci-fi fun!

Staff, aptly called “cast members,” will all wear costumes and take on the roles of various Star Wars characters, all while catering to the needs of those staying at the hotel who will be given their own “proper attire” (i.e. super-fun Star Wars-ish costumes).

But that’s not all. Guests will also be given a story line for “every minute” of their stay, making sure that it’s a truly immersive experience. That also happens to include a never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port, and a spaceship-themed setting where beds are inspired by BB-8, and the only views you’ll see from your window are of outer-space.

Surely a dream come true for any hardcore Star Wars-lover, this new hotel also sounds like plenty of fun for the newbie fan or, frankly, anyone who likes a little role-play kinda fun.

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(h/t Condé Nast Traveller; photos via Handout/Getty, Disney)