For our second DIY basic, we’re staying on the theme of easy ways to repurpose glass items. Since this week’s food theme is beer, we’re serving up an easy way to transform your beer bottles into beautiful bud vases. These are great project for sprucing up your home and make the perfect hostess or housewarming gift. Of course, we recommend bringing a full six-pack as well.


– empty beer bottles

– spray paint

– painter’s tape

– puff paint

First, wash out those bottles! If your bottles have labels on them, soak in warm water until it’s easy to peel the label off.

Now, set up your workstation. It’s crucial to work outside when working with spray paint.

Spray your first bottle. You may need two coats if your bottle is printed. And that is potentially all you need to do!

See how lovely even just the plain old bottle looks dolled up in spray paint?

To take it to the next level, grab your painter’s tape and start making patterns. We created stripes, a sun burst, and more stripes!


Next, we’ll help you take your bottle not only to the next level but to another dimension!

Use puff paint to create dotted designs that pop out from the bottle. Let dry for about 30 minutes before spray painting.


Now you’ve got all your bottles ready to go, what are your going to put in them? And how will you carry them?

The answers? Flowers and the cartons your beers came in! :)

What clever things have you turned old bottles and cans into? Know of any more cool takes on the beer bottle bud vase? Talk to us in the comments below or come find us on Twitter. And this Labor Day weekend, remember to save all those bottles! :)