When you were a kid, how many times did you plop down on the living room floor, face pressed up to the TV, as your parents put on your favorite Disney movie? If it’s more times than you can remember, you’re not alone. Those iconic characters stay with us for all our lives, and even as adults, it’s still super fun to dress up as our favorite princesses and heroines. Here are 12 super creative DIY costume inspirations that will help you become your favorite characters for Halloween and look crazy awesome doing it.

1. Alice in Wonderland: We are mad obsessed with our friend Keiko Lynn’s adorable costume. Not only is this look spot on for the little girl who fell down the rabbit hole, it’s a great way to incorporate a canine friend. All it takes is a light blue dress, an apron and a black bow (plus some bunny ears for your pup). (via Keiko Lynn)

2. Minnie Mouse: For this classic Disney look, grab some red polka-dot fabric, a black tee, glue and a bit of creativity. Add details like a collar and bow to achieve that ‘50s vibe. You can easily pair this costume with black tights so you don’t freeze your bum off. Then paint on a little mousy nose and hit the town. (via The Sorry Girls)

3. Hipster Ariel: No matter how much you love TheLittle Mermaid, it’s hard to convince yourself to go out in a shell bikini on a cold October night. That’s why we love this take on the princess. Bring a meme to life with wide-rimmed glasses, a long red wig, a purple shirt and green shorts. And don’t forget to bring along Flounder! (via Tdot Comics)

4. Darla: She might be borderline villain, but Darla sure stole our hearts as the fish-obsessed kid in Finding Nemo. (Fret not, no little fish were harmed in the making of this costume.) All you need are some fake braces (or real! This is a great costume for teens with toothware), a collared shirt, big sweater and those ginger pigtails. Carry a plastic bag with a fake fish inside. (via Disney in the Desert)

5. Rapunzel: This homemade costume requires some extra seamstress skills, but if you’re determined to make it happen, you’ll be rewarded with a dress fit for a princess. This costume looks like it was snatched right from the movie. The lace details on the bodice are a nice touch, and we love that flower crown. Don’t have long hair? Grab extensions or a crazy wig. (via Let’s Get Thrifty)

6. Tinkerbell: The feisty fairy look can be yours with just a green dress and… house slippers? Yup, this look is comfy and cute in all the right ways. Pair a pale green tube dress (or just hike up a green skirt), and throw on some poofy tan slippers to turn into this Neverland beauty. A topknot and some green ribbon complete the costume. (via Love Maegan)

7. Snow White: The first and fairest Disney princess easily comes together with a bit of fabric, white ribbon, a red headband and a giant poofy yellow tutu. The step-by-step instructions will help you create the unique dress yourself. Or just buy the components separately and pull together for fairytale perfection. Oh, and remember to NOT eat any apples! (via The Sorry Girls)

8. Elsa: Everyone’s favorite new Disney princess is too good to skip. If you have the time and energy to devote to hand-sewing all the details of this gorgeous ice-colored gown, then let it go and get to it. (via Rebari)

9. Peter Pan and Smee: Talk about a perfect couple’s costume. Both looks came together with items found at H&M and Walmart and for less than $70 total. Add in a major comfort factor due to green stretch jeans and blue shorts, and you’ve got yourselves a pirate’s treasure worth of savings. (via Mr. and Mrs. B)

10. Up: Looking for a family costume idea? We’ve got just the thing. This sweet group costume might require a little more DIYing than the average Halloween creation, but it will be worth it for all those adorable photos. Let your kids dress up as Kevin and Russell, you can be the house, Ellie or Mr. Fredricksen and your dog can be the lovable Dug. (via Jamonkey)

11. Mary Poppins and Bert: Another great couple’s costume, this look is a little bit classy, a little bit hip and 100 percent adorable. Scour thrift shops in your neighborhood for a high-collared white blouse, paired with a dark skirt, flats and a red bow. Make sure you top your costumes with that iconic top hat with daisies and a big umbrella for the perfect disguise. (via Keiko Lynn)

12. Princess Merida: If you’re brave enough to make this elaborate costume, you’ll be our hero. Fierce Merida knows how to get what she wants, even if it means having to go off on her own to realize her dreams. And this dreamy green velvet and lace costume is as elegant as it is clever. It’s actually a two-part look — a mini lace dress and a long skirt thrown over if you prefer to be a little more covered. (via Love Maegan)

Will you be be dressing up as any of your favorite Disney heroines this year? Let us know below!