You know we love us a do-it-yourself kit (ahem… Brit Kits!), especially when it makes something that looks totally daunting way simpler. Today’s case of hacking awesomeness is brought to us by the folks at Technology Will Save Us, in the form of 9 electronic DIY kits!

Created as a forum to educated and enable people to make and experiment more creatively with technology, Technology Will Save Us is all about the art of making, instead of just consuming. Sounds familiar! :)

Kits range from all of the electronic pieces you need for making your own speakers to creating a solar powered plant third detector. So cool!

We’re pumped about the DIY Soldering Kit, which includes everything you need to get started on soldering. Once you’ve mastered the basics of this kit, you can really go to town on making a whole host of your own electronics. This kit includes a soldering iron, solder wire, soldering tip cleaner, side cutters, wire strippers, desolder braid, helping hands, and of course, protective safety glasses. It’s a starter kit for hackers!

We also love the Electro Card Kits ($20) which come with bare conductive paint (a multipurpose electrically conductive materials), 6 LED’s, 3 button cell batteries, and a selection of festive designs for card-making. No wires necessary!

And, of course, we can’t help but swoon over the DIY Speakers Kit ($55) and DIY Synth Kit ($20), This former lets you turn anything from wood to a cereal box into your very own portable sound machine. The synth kit lets you make your own musical device – for creating your own synth-sounding jams. Jambox, look out! ;)

What electronics would you like to try your hand at making? Any other daunting projects that you’d like to see made simpler? Talk to us in the comments below.