Since we’re planning to serve our turkey on a totally tricked out table this Thanksgiving, we’ve been collecting inspiration for ways to customize the dining space DIY-style. We’ve already covered our bases with DIY linens, so we’re naturally building on that with 21 fantastic fall centerpieces that you can make yourself.

1. Welcome Pumpkin: There’s no better way to start a roundup than with a welcome pumpkin! Don’t stress if you’re handwriting isn’t perfect: this DIY comes with a free printable template of that friendly script. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Gold Leaf Cement Pots: This DIY uses two of our favorite “G” words: geo and gilded! Spectacular gold shapes sharpen up these cement planters that can easily be scattered across a dining table or buffet. (via Ruffled)

3. Sparkly Tablescape: Let’s be real: your dining table could use a little sparkle this holiday season, so take some pointers from this glitter-filled tablescape. It’s easy to make these glitter “dipped” votive holders with spray adhesive or paper glue. (via Giltter Guide)

4. Vase Cozies: We’ve seen our fair share of beautiful sweater cozies for glasses, mugs, and even mason jars, but never to dress up a plain glass vase. It should go without saying that we adore this idea! (via Thrifty and Chic)

5. Tree Branch Candle Holder: If you find a sizable fallen branch as you’re raking your yard, reserve it for this eye-catching centerpiece DIY. You’ll have to bust out your power sander and miter to smooth and chop each piece, but the effort is definitely worth the end result. (via Celebrations)

6. Polka Dot Bottles: A fresh coat of paint does wonders to punch up these glass bottles that can act as vases or candle holders. You’ll never guess the genius way this blogger made each polka dot so precise. (via Ruffled)

7. Twine-Wrapped Jar Vases: Get your wrap on with this DIY basic. While old jars can be wrapped in literally anything to amp up their appearance (think thick yarn, suede cord, or neon rope) this rustic twine has such a perfect fall feel. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Acorn Centerpiece: Paper mache eggs get the makeover of a lifetime with glitter, rope, and chalkboard paint. Scribble on what you’re thankful for or go with a more natural motif like pinecone-inspired scallops. (via Julep)

9. Pumpkin Planters: A hollowed-out pumpkin makes the ultimate fall vase, as these pumpkin planters show. We love they bookend this modern, symmetrical tablescape. (via 17 Apart)

10. Fall Bottle Centerpiece: This is the perfect project to undertake at your next at-home happy hour. Try painting “Thanks” on your next empty six pack. ;) (via Big City Little Joys)

11. Shabby Chic Pumpkin Centerpiece: What a dreamy way to decorate a pumpkin! Lovely lace trim hugs the white gourds in this no-carve design. (via I Love to Create)

12. Pom Pom Tree: Playful pom poms are our favorite way to adorn decorative branches. Plus, they can easily make the jump to the Christmas tree at the end of November. (via All About Ami)

13. Gold-Dipped Ceramics: Pimp your table with this Brit + Co classic. Using the appropriate paints, you can use this technique on any table topper like serving platters, utensils, mugs, vases, and more! (via Brit + Co.)

14. Beaded Wheat Stalks: We’re going ga-ga for this modern way to style wheat stalks. (Who’d have thought we’d ever say that?) One your stalks are beaded, let a handful fall as they please in a tall, slender vase. (via Create Like Crazy)

15. “Birch Bark” Painted Vase: It just takes two coats of paint and some string to transform this glass vase into a birch bark-inspired vessel. Fill it with berry branches to add a pop of fall color. (via Turtles and Tails)

16. Feeder Centerpiece: We did a serious double take when we read that this chic centerpiece was made from a chicken feeder! For real! Golden hay is an easy way to add an immediate fall feel to any container. (via Vintage Whites Blog)

17. Natural Wheat Bundle: This bundle of wheat stalks is simple, yet so wonderful. It’s a foolproof way to add height to your table. (via HGTV)

18. Gilded Apples: We can’t believe how unbelievably un-tacky these styrofoam apples look. A coat of metallic spray paint adds an elegant sheen that turns them a stunning shade of blush. (via Jewish Creative Mom)

19. Pumpkin Succulent Planters: We just had to include a second pumpkin planter in our roundup since this one cleverly uses mini gourds to house succulents! We’re definitely adding this project to our Thanksgiving to-dos. (via Made + Remade)

20. Centerpiece Basket: There’s no more versatile vessel than a woven basket (that’s gold dipped, of course). Use it as a table centerpiece during the holidays, then retire it to a chic organizational tool after the New Year. (via Brit + Co.)

21. Natural Glam: We agree with Refinery29 on the ultimate fall table theme: natural glam. A butcher paper runner and gold painted pine cones strike a perfect balance for the season. (via Refinery29)

DIY Fall Centerpieces

Will you be making your own centerpieces this holiday season? Talk to us about your projects in the comments below!