Festival season is upon us. You've already entered to win the ultimate fanny pack for the festival after party (haven't you?!) and now it's time to get prepped for the main event. Whether you're camping, hotel-ing, driving in for one day, or working the event, this roundup of all things festival is sure to have you fully prepared for three days of musical bliss.

Do Your Homework
 You can't possibly call yourself festival-ready without a dose of history.

Watch Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music Director's Cut: This documentary is the closest thing to really experiencing the event. We recommend finding a friend with a projector so you can really immerse ourself in this three day microcosm of the turbulent '60s. And yes, it's available on Amazon Instant Video! (Photo: FilmJerk)

Download On the Way to Woodstock for your iPad
One 2-disc film couldn't possibly be enough to really get you prepped. This iPad app features over 100 hours of content, including videos, audio clips, and more. We love the fact that you can go through each day chronologically.

Rock Festival Style
 With Coachella kicking things off next weekend, it's high time you start making all those DIY projects you've bookmarked for spring and summer.

Duct Tape Feather Earrings: If you haven't made them yet, now is the time. And feel free to experiment with an entire duct tape outfit… and send us pics!

Sparklify Your Sunglasses: Grab a bottle of glitter nail polish and get to work on those cheap wannabe Wayfarers.

Ombre Nails: It's time to try the Sponge Manicure. Go for a neon gradient, deep blue galaxy, or go super hipster and go grayscale.

Neon Rope Bracelets: The only way to get real neon street cred is to bring back the daylgo, summer camp style.

Braided Hair Headband: Forget tying a shoelace around your head. Simply take a few strands of your hair, braid it into a headband, pin it, and you're set.

Chevron Bling: Chevron, sharpies, and gold leather. Do it. In fact, make up a whole chevron-inspired accessory outfit!

T-Shirt Necklace: Earn DIY points by sporting previous festival tees around your neck.

Get the Lineup Lowdown
 Not all the lineups have been announced, but those that have look incredible and promise awesomeness on the festival circuit nationwide. Oh, and they all involve Bon Iver.

Coachella (April 13-15 + April 20-22): First and foremost, two weekends of music in the desert. Download the app and start planning your show route now! Headliners are Radiohead, the Black Keys, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, and Bon Iver.

New Orleans Jazz Fest (April 27-29 + May 3-6): With a rock-heavy lineup of Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles, Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, Foo Fighters, and Bon Iver, this many-day extravaganza is perfect for a summer vacation.You can even bring your parents!

Bonnaroo (June 7-10): Tennessee gets the prize for totally reviving the full on hippie fest. While the lineup has become increasingly more mainstream, the vibe is still one of peace, love and music. Main acts this year include Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, Foster the People, and, of course, Bon Iver. We're loving the Bonnaroo app which includes an interactive road trip map inviting roadtrippers to drop pins on their favorite locations, so fellow festival-goers can check them out.

Pitchfork (July 13-15): The indie darling of the festival scene, Pitchfork is filling Chicago with the best new music around. This year's lineup favorites include Hot Chip, Feist, Cults, Beach House, and Grimes. Stay tuned for the Pitchfork Festival app. (Photo: Tickets Inventory)

Lollapalooza (August 3-5): Arguably the hardest rocking summer music festival year in and year out, there's no official lineup yet but we're guessing Radiohead and Bon Iver just might make an appearance. Check out the Lollapalooza Facebook page for up-to-the-minute news and lineup rumors.

Outside Lands (August 10-12): And the finally summer fest, Outside Lands. Located in Brit HQ's backyard (way back) of Golden Gate Park, this one is definitely more chill, as things in SF tend to be. Stay tuned for the official lineup and app!

Stay Nourished
 With days spent dancing and drinking in the sun, it's easy to forget that your body needs lots of yummy food as well! If you're wary of the food stands, bring your own bite size treats.

PB&J Sushi: Roll it up, slice it up, and bring enough for your neighbors.

Pack a Pie: These pies aren't only good for mailing, they happen to be the perfect sweet treat for throwing in your purse or fanny pack.

Apple Cookies: Bake up a bunch of apple cookies and keep snacking on them throughout the weekend. Try doing the same with veggies!

Pretzel Pops: Show off your culinary innovation skills with a bag full of pretzel pops. And remember to happen by an official festival photog while you're eating them. ;)

Phew. That was a lot of prep! But now you're definitely ready to tackle the music festival scene, and maybe even ready to crowdsurf like you did when you were 14 at the Warped Tour, or maybe that was just me?

Tweet festival survival ideas our way or leave us a note in the comments below. Keep rocking!