If there is one holiday to go all out on the festive outfit for, it’s… well, okay, every holiday for us. But NYE is *definitely* the holiday to gather up your gilded New Year’s Eve accessories and sequin party dresses, and that includes the party hats and headbands. DIY a batch of NYE party hats for your bash this year and you and your guests will be ringing in the New Year in style.


1. DIY Party Headband: To make this headband, use hot glue to attach small wooden letters to a headband, then paint the whole piece one color. Cute AND easy? We’re so in. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Party Hats With Tinsel Trim: Use your leftover Christmas tinsel garlands to fashion these adorable toppers. Delia free-handed some kraft paper hats and hot-glued a sparkly pom pom to each one — pretty hard to mess this one up. (via Delia Creates)


3. Gold Fringe Party Hat DIY: You can’t go wrong with some gold fringe on New Year’s Eve. Pick up a pack of basic party hats (or make your own!) and glue the fringe on. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


4. Neon Confetti Party Hats: The December 31 is confetti’s BFF, so let your party hats in on the fun with this DIY. Neon confetti? Yes, please! (via Oh Happy Day)


5. Printable Paper Crowns: These colorful, playful crowns are just too adorable. Trick them out with whatever craft supplies you have lying around for a unique take on the paper crown trend. (via The House Than Lars Built)


6. Painted Party Hats: Running low on time? Give your basic party hat a serious upgrade with just a few swipes of paint. (via Paper & Stitch)


7. Pipe Cleaner Party Headbands: Head to the craft store to pick up a pack of pipe cleaners to make these headbands. DIY a set of them for your guests so they’ll be feeling festive AF. (via Brit + Co)


8. Polka Dot Party Hat: Y’all know we love a good free printable template, and these hats are just that. Use the template to make party hats out of *any* patterned paper. Top ’em off with pom poms to make them extra fun + festive. (via Chicfetti)


9. 2016 Headband: Even though this one says 2015, you can easily use this DIY to make a 2016 headband. Pro tip: You can totally make the last number detachable and then replace it with the appropriate number for the next few years. Score! (via Live.Craft.Love)


10. Happy New Year Party Hat: Sometimes the best DIYs are ones with white paper and black permanent marker, like this one. Plus, it puts your hand-lettering skills to the test, and we know you’ve been practicing all year long. (via Mer Mag)


11. Sprinkle Party Hats: If you have a ton of sprinkles left over from the holidays, put them to good use with this DIY. Either make smaller numbers to fit 2016 across the hat, or opt for a simple ’16 to make it easy. (via Jacks and Kate)


12. Intricate Party Crowns: Use that handy dandy Cricut (or whatever cutting machine you have) to make this party crown. DL the file in this DIY and go to town on a beautiful crown to ring in the New Year. (via Small for Big)


13. Star Crowns: Amp up your NYE photo booth props with this starry headband. You can vary the number and arrangement of stars for different looks, or based on how much time you have to craft ;) (via Wear the Canvas)


14. Mini Party Hats: Here’s a tutorial fit for a Netflix binge. With a little time and patience, you’ll have some super unique and celebratory party hats your party guests will want wear all night. (via Homey Oh My)

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