Yes, you can have a New Year’s Eve shindig without wearing a sparkly hat or headband… but why would you want to do that? Whether you prefer to glam up the typical cone-shaped chapeau, rock a geo-fabulous headband or don a glittery tiara, you can definitely DIY your way to a fabulous party hat or headband. Start with these 23 and we’ll release you to the glitter after that.


1. Gemstone Crown: We would probably wear this sparkly gemstone crown every day for the next year. Just sayin’. (via Oh Happy Day)


2. Wood Letters: Customize your headband with some fun NYE lingo. The possibilities really are endless, but we are loving the bubbly-inspired phrase “Pop. Fizz. Clink.” (via Brit + Co)


3. Patterned Hats: You’ll definitely want to use some leftover tinsel to glam up these patterned hats. (via Girl Inspired)


4. Pom Poms: Glue your favorite color of sparkly pom poms onto a matching elastic headband and you’ve got a party-approved look with a boho vibe that will last all night. (via Kristi Murphy)


5. Golden Crowns: Take a simple plastic headband and glue all things sparkly to it. A coat of gold spray paint will make it extra party worthy. (via Make + Haus)


6. Disco Ball: You’ll be the life of the party with this one. Make sure you get out on the dance floor to channel your inner disco queen. (via A Subtle Revelry)


7. Chalkboard Hats: Give your guests the opportunity to decorate their own hats with these chalkboard dandies. (via My Sister’s Suitcase)


8. A Perfect Paper Tiara: You may not have a princess crown lying around, but you almost definitely have the materials to make one yourself. Spruce it up with a little glitter glue and you’re good to go. (via HGTV)


9. Shining Stars: Reach for the stars and beyond in the new year with this celestial look. Bonus points if you pair it with an equally ethereal hair color. (via Now That’s Pretty)


10. Mini Hats: Some people aren’t comfortable wearing a super blinged-out hat for NYE (don’t look at us). Let those guests in on the fun with a tiny metallic topper made out of, wait for it… snow cones! (via Tikkido)

starry headband

11. Star Headband: For the boho in you, weave this starry headband into your NYE hairstyle for maximum effect. (via Brit + Co)


12. Daisy’s Rhinestone Headband: This Gatsby-inspired look is definitely a little time and work intensive, but the end result is a stunning band that will take you right back to the beautiful and vibrant ’20s. (via Shine Trim)


13. Tissue Paper: We love using tissue paper for myriad projects. Guess what? It also makes for a fab party hat. (via Studio DIY)


14. Confetti: Bring the confetti to the party by coating your headband with it, instead of putting it in your hair. You’ll be in the festive spirit without having to worry about finding paper bits for days. (via Brit + Co)


15. Unique Hats: With markers, paper, tinsel and pom poms, you can make a unique hat for each guest at your big bash. (via Walk in Love)


16. Glitter Star Crown: This is a big and bold statement piece that will pair perfectly with a LBD (or LWD!) and some shiny gold earrings… and a glass of bubbly, of course. (via Delightfully Tacky)


17. Boho Chic: Try this awesome beaded project on a rainy day and your hard work will pay off with a gorgeous, art deco-inspired band. (via Brit + Co)

pipe cleaners

18. Pipe Cleaner Crowns: If you accidentally overlooked the party hats this year, make these quick crowns in a jiffy. (via Brit + Co)


19. Wire Crown: We love this child-like DIY for its blend of elegance, cuteness and beauty. Oh, and did we mention it’s easy enough for a kid (or adult) to make in just a few minutes? (via Un Beau Jour)


20. Floral-Studded Headband: Channel your inner garden fairy or spring goddess with signs of the year to come. The fabric rosebuds add a nice, decidedly not wintry, aspect to your party look. (via Style Noted)


21. Leather Feathers: Trace feather shapes out of soft, metallic leather and then simply glue ’em to an elastic band (we know you’ve got one laying around somewhere). This boho-chic look couldn’t be simpler. (via Brit + Co)


22. Gold Leaf Head Chain: You’re going to need to break out your jewelry skills on this one, but the good news is that you can wear this awesome headband for way more than just a New Year’s soiree. Next summer’s music festival season comes to mind. (via Chic Steals)


23. Glitter: Whatever kind of party hat you decide to create, just make sure it’s covered in glitter, okay? (via Studio DIY)

Additional reporting by Nora Landis-Shack.

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