When it comes to gardening, not everyone has a green thumb (guilty!), but that is totally okay. Plants can be the perfect accent to any home, but they’re sometimes a bit difficult to take care of, especially if you’re a busy bee. Luckily, indoor DIY gardens are a perfect alternative for anyone who is looking for foliage with little to no maintenance. Liven up your space with these 12 fun DIY paper plant projects that will leave you with a spectacular indoor garden to last until the end of time.


1. DIY Paper Leaf Garland: This leaf garland will be the perfect accent to any window or chandelier, making it versatile and oh-so cute. Hang this garland where you see fit to add a bit of color, and to bring the outdoors in with a unique twist. (via The House That Lars Built)


2. DIY Cactus Plants: Who says your indoor garden can’t have a little shine to it?! Put together these cute foil paper cactus plants to add the right amount of green to any space. Pro-tip: Fill painted coffee tins with uncooked rice to make customizable plant pots. (via Crafted Sparrow)

DIY Paper Bouquet - http://ruffledblog.com/diy-petitepaper-flower-bouquet

3. DIY Paper Flower Bouquet: Made using crepe paper and acrylic paint, this paper flower bouquet will stay stunning all year long. This pretty bundle will instantly add a pop of color to an otherwise dull office space. (via Ruffled)


4. DIY Paper Cymbidium Orchid Plant: This orchid beauty will be the center of attention in any indoor gardener’s prized plant collection. The simple, brilliant white petals will look stunning next to any decor color palette. (via Lia Griffith)


5. DIY Paper Maidenhair Fern Mobile: Create the perfect hanging garden by suspending this paper fern mobile near any window or in an open space that seems ideal. Amp it up by adding colored paper flowers to accent any color scheme in the room. (via The House That Lars Built)


6. DIY Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern: Want the beauty of a large potted plant without the hassle of taking care of one? Then this DIY is perfect! Place this on a dining room table as a centerpiece to pull a room together. (via Handmade Curator)


7. DIY Paper Medinilla Plant: Spruce up your indoor garden with this floral potted plant. The gorgeous pink blooms offer a unique accent that will mesh perfectly with other real and faux plant life in your home. (via The House That Lars Built)


8. DIY Paper Bromeliad: Looking to add a little tropical flair? A bromeliad may be hard to get your hands on, but with this tutorial you can showcase your very own at home. Extra points for sticking it in a quirky pot. (via Maria Noble)


9. DIY Paper Succulents: Succulents are SO trendy so, of course, a paper DIY version of the beauts is required. If you forget to water your plants (like many of us), these paper succulents are the way to go. As they’re super realistic and live succulents are generally low maintenance anyway, you’ll even forget that they’re made out of paper. (via Craftberry Bush)


10. DIY Paper Chinese Money Plant: This paper Chinese money plant is the ideal DIY for a minimalist’s home. Its beautiful simplicity adds the right amount of color without overwhelming the space. (via The Apple of My DIY)


11. DIY Papier-Mâché Cacti: Try stepping outside the box and opt for these adorable papier-mâché cacti to integrate into your home. Get creative and recreate your own desert landscape — best part is, you’ll never have to water them! (via Design Sponge)


12. DIY Paper Flower Blooming Branches: Just because it’s a plant doesn’t mean it has to be leafy green. Create these easy, ethereal paper flower branches to instantly brighten up any space in your home. (via Lia Griffith)

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