Channel Your Inner Mermaid With This DIY Seashell Choker

We’re seriously soaking in these remaining beach days and what better way to live them to the fullest than with a very mermaid-worthy seashell choker necklace — DIY style. Don’t be salty about the shorter days ahead, and instead get to scrolling to *sea* exactly how to create your own beachy bling. Can we get a, “Shell yes?!”

Gather up the prettiest shells you can find at the craft store and get ready to make your own gold-chain choker.

Materials and Tools:

Paint your shell beads with nail polish. Opt for a single shade or go color crazy! Give the finished shells some time to dry completely.

Measure the desired length of the jewelry chain and cut as needed. Then add a clasp using two jump rings and both pairs of pliers. (Separate the jump rings by pulling them to the sides instead of apart to maintain the metal’s integrity and strength.)

Attach them to the chain using your pliers and jump rings.

Once all of your shells are on jump rings, connect each to the chain until you have a complete look.

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(Photos via Brittany Griffin / Brit + Co)

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