If Solange’s epic fashion style and infamous NOLA wedding didn’t inspire you to step your game up, her glamping rendezvous in the desert of California just might. For New Year’s Eve, Solange ditched the typical holiday destinations for a bohemian glamping extravaganza in Joshua Tree National Park. Not only did she and her clique of fashion insiders have us coveting oversized hats and faux-fur coats, but they also served as great inspo for planning our next trip. We’re sharing eight ideas you can steal to go glamping like Solange.


1. Create a Hashtag: Have some fun and create a catchy hashtag with friends for the event. After the trip is over, you can easily track photos and reminisce over the great memories. (Photo via @shionat)


2. Document Your Trip: Of course, your photos shouldn’t only live on the Internet. Take a clue from Solange and document your trip with a Polaroid camera ($100). It not only gives your phone storage a break, but also gives your friends a keepsake to remember the trip. (Photo via @shionat)


3. Play a Fun Card Game: Solange and her friends played Egyptian Rat Screw with a plush deck of cards. You can purchase your own fun deck of cards at Anthropologie ($15). (Photo via @williamokpo)

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.08.31 PM

4. DIY a Tent: Have fun and build your very own tent for the trip. Be sure to grab wooden poles, twine, a clamp and canvas material from your local hardware store to create your little hideaway. (Photo via @shionat)


5. Decorate With Thrifted Goods: The whole point of glamping is to enjoy the outdoors while not missing the luxuries of home. Grab that old rug and a few chairs from your local thrift store to evoke a hipster-chic ambience on your trip. (Photos via @shionat, @jessicaannthegreat)

Joshua Kissi @streetetiquette

6. Cook a Gourmet Meal + Serve Champagne: Attention all foodies: Don’t leave your love for gourmet dining at home. Bring your favorite grill recipes on the trip, and enjoy an immaculate spread with a side of bubbly. (Photo via @streetetiquette)


7. Dress the Part: On the trip, Solange and her friends coined the phrase “desert dressing,” proving anybody can be chic, even while camping in the wild. Try looking beyond your local outdoorsmen store for your camping gear. (Photo via @shionat, @melodyehsani)

Solange Knowles @saintrecords

8. Take a Group Photo: In typical Solange fashion, the glamping trip was documented with an epic group photo. Be sure to gather your friends for a group photo and create some unforgettable memories. (Photo via @saintrecords)

Planning a glamping getaway soon? Tell us about it in the comment section below!