If you don’t feel like taking on the weather head-first and going for a snowy, winter wonderland kind of wedding, a ceremony during the coldest months of the year can be tough to plan. However, if you can make it work it can be a great way to save a large chunk of change considering peak wedding season is typically June through October. So your hometown sucks during winter? Then ditch it. Grab your fiance (and all your closest friends and family) and head somewhere exotic to get hitched. Whether you’re looking to stay stateside or venture abroad, here are 10 destinations to consider for a winter destination wedding.


1. Sedona, AZ: While it can get a bit chilly in winter, the weather in Sedona is still mild enough to host a wedding outdoors. If you and your fiance love the desert, a wedding toward the beginning of the year is a great way to enjoy the epic scenery without roasting in the sun. (image via Sedona Bride)


2. New Zealand: Here’s a fun fact: it’s summer in New Zealand right now. Escape the cold to this scenic island, get married amidst green mountains and super blue seas and start your honeymoon with a scuba diving session the next day. (via Golden Hour Studios)


3. Palm Springs, CA: Whether you’re a mid-century architecture buff or just love that SoCal sun, Palm Springs is a great destination for a super mild winter wedding. The abundance of spas and luxurious hotels also make this a great spot for hosting a bachelorette party. If you’re headed to this city of palm trees, make sure to check out the The Saguaro Hotel, which is an explosion of color to say the least. (image via Wedding Chicks and Mark Brooke)


4. Bali, Indonesia: Whether you’re looking for a classic, beachy destination wedding or a lush jungle backdrop, you’ll get the best of both worlds in Bali. The Legian Bali in the west coast town of Seminyak is a definite favorite for couples looking to tie the knot. Choose between a garden wedding overlooking the Indian Ocean or a luxury white wedding at the beach house. But high-heeled brides beware: both ceremonies kick off at “The Stairs of Heaven,” a flight of 28 steps flanked by white parasols and arching bamboo Balinese flags. (image via Tonny Trisnawan)


5. Athens, Greece: While you might not be able to take a dip (comfortably) in the Mediterranean Sea until about June, the weather in Greece is pretty tame year round. You’ll still be able to enjoy the gorgeous white and blue architecture and view the ancient ruins in a sweater. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly destination abroad, this might be your best bet considering the winter months are Athens’ down season. (image via Chris Spira Photography)


6. New Orleans, Louisiana: Head on over to jazz central to get hitched anytime between February to May, when the weather is comfortably cool and the celebrations are in full swing. If you and your spouse-to-be are fabulous dancers, this is pretty much the perfect place to show off your sweet moves. (images via Maile Lani Photography)


7. Kauai, Hawaii: Head for the destination of destination weddings and hop on a plane to Hawaii. Skip Maui and Oahu and head straight for the small island of Kauai (AKA the Garden Island). It’s hard to believe you’re technically still in America amongst the lush jungle and clear ocean water. If you’re opting for a classic, tropical beach wedding, we say go all out like these folks did with an aisle made of pineapples. (image via Kilohana Photography)


8. Australia: Just like in New Zealand, our winter is Australia’s summer. So you can count on clear skies and a warm breeze. If you’re after the classic Australian views head over Sydney, but if you’re looking for something a little more offbeat, try the artsier city of Melbourne. (images via Matt Sinclair Photography)

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9. South Africa: Safari wedding anyone? Here’s a the perfect option for a destination wedding that still involves water but has an entirely different vibe. Get hitched under the starry desert sky and retreat to a honeymoon — err, safari tent — suite. (image via Amanda Kopp)


10. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden: Okay so this option isn’t so much an escape from the cold as it is a head-first dive into it, but hear us out. Every year the Ice Church at the Icehotel in opens up Jukkasjärvi from December to April. How many people can say they got married in a church made entirely of ice? Just think about how epic these pictures would be. (image via Big Ben Productions)

Are you planning a wedding during the winter months? Where are you having your ceremony? Share your with us in the comments below.