If you鈥檙e looking for a way to liven up your spring kitchen decor, DIYs offer a budget-friendly and creative way to add bursts of color. There鈥檚 no lack of ideas to help you set the scene for a fresh spring kitchen with DIY trivets, wall planters and patterned utensils 鈥 you just have to decide which one fits your home and style. Whether you opt for a more modern or classic look, you鈥檒l appreciate these super chic DIYs that鈥檒l bump up your kitchen decor game. If you鈥檙e up for the challenge of upgrading your kitchen, read on!


1. DIY Color Block Pattern Napkins: Nothing says 鈥淕ood morning!鈥 like a bright punch of color to your dining table. These DIY color block napkins pair well with all kinds of settings, so think up some creative designs and get busy with the fabric paint. You鈥檒l have yourself the prettiest (and easiest to make) spring napkins in no time. (via Enthralling Gumption)


2. DIY Color Block Magnets: Turn your fridge into a work of art with these colorful magnets. With these trusty accessories, you won鈥檛 have to worry about grocery lists or keeping track of which errands to run. You鈥檒l need clay and 3-4 nail polishes to whip up this easy look. (via Enthralling Gumption)


3. DIY Raffia Coasters: Kick off your new-found obsession for raffia with this cute coaster look. Because the material comes in a variety of colors, you might have a little trouble deciding on the best one. The easy answer? Make sets for yourself and your friends. The neon pink packs quite the color punch, if that helps to sway you鈥 (via Enthralling Gumption)

DIY Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters

4. DIY Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters: Spring is all about fresh blooms, warm weather and cold treats. If you鈥檙e looking to freshen up your kitchen wall or fridge with decorative planters, ice cream is the way to go. (via Aww Sam)


5. DIY Copper Salad Servers: Sleek metallic accents aren鈥檛 going anywhere. Bring some burnished warmth to your kitchen this spring with a little glint and glimmer from your DIY copper utensils. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

diy house shaped shelf

6. DIY House Shaped Shelf: If you鈥檝e got a thing for mugs, chances are you鈥檒l run short on space. But now having a crowded cupboard isn鈥檛 a problem. Use your spare mugs as a reason to decorate your kitchen wall with a DIY *home* of their own. (via A Beautiful Mess)

diy donut coasters

7. DIY Donut Coasters: You love donuts. You need coasters. These adorable DIY coasters made from birch rounds answer both your wants AND needs. (via The Sassy Life)

diy color dipped wood kitchen utensils

8. Color Dipped Wood Kitchen Utensils: Jazz up a set of plain wooden utensils with sherbert paint colors, matte modge-podge and a paintbrush. Complete the collection with a set of DIY color-dipped wooden bowls to match! (via Peonies and Pears)

slatted hanger

9. DIY Slatted Wall Hanger: If you鈥檙e working with a smaller kitchen where counter space is limited, opt for vertical organization. This slatted wall hanger is a utensil holder, trivet display and wall planter all in one. You can鈥檛 get a better deal than that. (via Ich Designer)

walnut and ceramic cake plate

10. Walnut and Ceramic Cake Plate: All you鈥檒l need to create this simple look is a white plate, a candle stick and super glue. Whether you choose to thrift your items or buy fancier ones, you鈥檒l be saving big bucks from not having to buy a pre-assembled cake plate. (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

green wall planter

11. Green DIY Wall Planter: Nail your kitchen decor game with a large wall planter display that鈥檒l breathe new life into your kitchen鈥 literally! Using a wall planter saves you precious counter space for your kitchen must-haves, while giving your herb garden a home of its own. (via Lana Red Studio)

diy fruit magnets

12. DIY Fruit Magnets: Cute kitchen accessories are now in season with these-fruit inspired magnets. Decorate your fridge space or make your own metallic frame to display your latest fruity faves. (via A Bubbly Life)

diy pot holders

13. DIY Pot Holders: Color isn鈥檛 always necessary to make a statement. Play up the minimalist trend while making your own set of striking pot holders by choosing a simple black and white design. (via We Can Make Anything)

copper leather wine rack

14. DIY Copper Pipe Leather Wine Rack: Traditional wooden wine racks get a serious upgrade with this sleek and shiny copper construct. Replicate this ultra chic wine rack using leather (vegan leather works too!) and copper pipes. (via A Bubbly Life)

diy stained utensil holder

15. Stained Bamboo Utensil Holder: Maximize drawer space with a crafty utensil holder. Instead of rummaging around in a drawer or cabinet for your kitchen tools, this chic and colorful holder will fancy up your countertop while keeping your oft-needed spatula at the ready. (via Dream A Little Bigger)

painted and stamped cork trivet

16. DIY Painted and Stamped Cork Trivet: Whether you choose to make stripes, geometric shapes or a grid pattern, all you鈥檒l need is painter鈥檚 tape. Simply tape out your designs, paint over the untaped section and remove the tape to let dry for a simple chic trivet. (via Blitsy)

diy rope trivet

17. DIY Rope Trivets: Once you start playing around with weaving rope, you鈥檒l be gifting your friends homemade rope coasters and trivets left and right. From ombr茅 ropes to pretty speckled ropes like the one pictured here, you can whip up dozens of unique designs. (via Fish & Bull)

painted tray

18. DIY Painted Tray: There鈥檚 no wrong way to paint this, so just let your imagination run wild. Once it鈥檚 dry, take your decor game to the next level by setting up this pretty tray on your kitchen counter. That is, when you鈥檙e not using it to stay in bed with Netflix all day. (via Brit + Co)


19. DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets: Take it up a notch from the usual color block design with a side of abstract patterns. Place two pieces of low-profile carpet tile with one face up and the other face down to recreate these moon phase-inspired coasters and trivets. You鈥檒l be over the moon for the finished product. (via Paper & Stitch)

Colorful Clothespin Trivets

20. Colorful Clothespin Trivets: Forget the laundry 鈥 these bright rays of clothespins bring to mind sunshine and flowers. Stack 鈥榚m up for an eye-catching pot stand made of bright tiers. (via Dream A Little Bigger)

diy chopsticks

21. DIY Painted Chopsticks: Bring spring into your Asian cuisine with a fresh spring color palette and creative designs. Mix things up with different patterns, like rainbow polka dots and ombr茅 stripes, and get ready to dazzle your dinner party guests. (via Idle Hands Awake)

diy copper wire egg basket

22. DIY Copper Wire Egg Baskets: Don鈥檛 put all of your eggs in one basket 鈥 instead, make a bunch of mini baskets out of copper wire. As long as the protective membrane hasn鈥檛 already been washed off, farm fresh eggs can hang out on the counter for weeks, in the cutest little rustic display ever to grace your Instagram. Not sold on the lack of refrigeration? Use these bowls to hold your eggs while you cook, or for rolls at your next dinner party. (via Fall For DIY)

wine rack

23. DIY Wine Rack With Leather Straps: If you鈥檝e got a heart for minimalistic decor and wine, this wine rack made from leather straps is the one for you. Lean it against the wall or mount it; either way you鈥檒l have a seriously chic and new fave decorative accent fit for a wine connoisseur. (via Pretty Nice)

24. Mini Pinboards: This cork pinboard is definitely a pin-worthy DIY. Use cork pot stands from Ikea for an interesting take on a traditional pinboard. (via The Things She Makes)

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