It used to be an office or a junk room. Now it’s the crowning jewel of your home. It’s your baby’s nursery, and you’re all about creating something that looks like it jumped off the pages of a home decor magazine (or, more likely, jumped out of a decorator’s blog). Instead of starting from scratch, shop your own house for baby’s new furniture and room accessories. That’s right; you probably have plenty of finds that you can transform into nursery-friendly showpieces. So, go ahead, scroll on for eight nursery-ready DIY projects to repurpose your old decor, and get inspired.


1. Repurposed Dresser Bench: Yeah, yeah. Your baby is way too young to sit on a bench, but she probably has mountains of toys (even if she isn’t even born yet). Transform an old dresser into a kids’ storage bench. And bonus, it’s small enough that by the time she’s a toddler, your little one will be able to actually use it. (via My (Re)Purposed Life)

2. Bookshelf Changing Table: If you spent your pre-baby years Allen-wrenching roomfuls of IKEA furniture with your S.O., you’re in luck. You can turn a basic bookshelf into a brand-new changing table easily. (via DIY Passion)

3. Baby Shower Cards Nursery Art: Turn those baby shower cards you’ve been stashing away into awesome art for baby’s nursery walls with this simple, easy-to-do project. (via Veronika’s Blushing)

4. Old Bookshelf Turned Mini Closet: Turn an old bookshelf into an open closet to store your baby’s runway-worthy wardrobe. You can create a space for hanging teeny-tiny duds and a separate area that holds baskets, diapers, toys, and more! (via Project Nursery)

art boxes

5. DIY Display Boxes: Whether you use them as extra storage or show off your baby’s growing art and toy collection, these DIY display boxes are a rad repurposed project. Look closely. Yep. They’re made from wine cases. (via Adele Rotella)

6. Repurposed Chalkboard: Turn a silver platter into a more than basic chalkboard with the help of a little chalkboard paint. Write sweet messages on your new board, or use it for practical purposes (such as writing out feeding times). Not only is it super functional, but it’s also cute nursery decor. (via Project Nursery)

storage bin

7. Upcycled Cardboard Boxes: There’s no need to fill your baby’s room with bulky, oversized bookshelves, even if you have plenty of stuff to store. Between the diapers, boxes of wipes, itty-bitty onesies, and everything else, you need extra storage space. Take some of those diaper boxes (or other cardboard boxes) and upcycle them into storage bins. (via The Budget Decorator)

dresser project

8. DIY Dresser: No new mama wants to add an old dresser into the baby’s nursery — unless, of course, it’s an amazing antique. With a touch of paint, some new hardware, and a bit of creativity, you can turn what was an old has-been into something completely contemporary. (via Oh Joy!)

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(Featured photo via DIY Passion)