In an era of doorbells and intercom systems, there isn’t always a need for a door knocker. But there are so many interesting (and sometimes creepy) designs that we think it might be worth having one that’s purely ornamental. From simple monogram versions to die-cast animals, and…skulls, there’s a door knocker for everyone. Just be sure to match your pick with your house numbers.

1. Oval Door Knocker ($29): You know we love anything monogrammed, and this basic oval door knocker becomes something special by adding your initial.

2. Brass Pineapple Door Knocker ($115): Pineapples are one of the most common door knocker designs because they are a symbol of hospitality.

3. Michael Healy Lighthouse Door Knocker ($135): Perfect for a beach house (or pretending your home is a beach house!), this nautical door knocker will be like a beacon welcoming your guests.

4. Lion Head Door Knocker ($28): Give your door a regal air with this lion door knocker.

5. Solid Brass Monogram Door Knocker ($49): Another monogrammed option, we love the simplicity of this door knocker. Plus it comes in either brass or brushed steel.

6. Large Plate Door Knocker ($50): You can’t go wrong with this classic shape. We love the matte iron finish for something a bit unexpected. Plus, there are three other colors to choose from.

7. Esschert Design Woodpecker Door Knocker ($19): Animal-themed door knockers are totally on-trend, and this woodpecker door knocker feels a bit more realistic somehow.

8. Brass Fleur De Lys Door Knocker ($115): Show off your French roots, or just pretend you have that je ne sais quoi with this iconic door knocker.

9. Pine Cone Door Knocker ($220): This pine cone door knocker is truly a work of art that is hand sand-cast in brass, and then nickel-plated.

10. Polished Brass Skull Door Knocker (£26): This might seem more appropriate for Halloween, but we wouldn’t be opposed to using it year-round. We especially like that it’s the chattering teeth that do the knocking.

11. Rustic Cast Iron Deer Head Door Knocker ($23): Possibly our favorite of the animal options, this deer would feel right at home on the door to your cabin in the woods or your urban apartment.

12. Victorian Hand Door Knocker ($60): There’s something about this hand that we find just a little bit creepy. And then there’s the similarly creepy “Petite Lady Hand Door Knocker.”

Which of these door knockers is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!