We hope you’re singing the Coolio song along with us as you browse these creative door number ideas. No matter what the style of your house or apartment, there are easy ways to have a little fun with the way you label your home. From bold typography to creative uses for chalkboard paint to bright neon signs, you’re sure to find an idea that works for you here.

1. Wood + Modern: Your numbers don’t necessarily have to go on your door. You can make them more visible by putting them on column on your porch. The contrasting wood backing makes them stand out even more. (via 4 Men 1 Lady)

2. Etched Glass Words: Maybe not the easiest to read from the street, these spelled out house numbers etched onto the glass door are the perfect fit for this type-loving couple. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Classic Painted Numbers: These house numbers were actually just painted on with a paint pen. You can stencil any typeface you want, and fill in the outlines with a contrasting paint color. (via It’s the Little Things)

4. Words + Digits: Don’t be afraid to mix both spelled out words and numerals. Just be sure you’re keeping both sides visually balanced. (via Debora Carl Landscape Design on Houzz)

5. Potted Plant Numbers: Pick neutral colors for your pots when you paint them. That way you can go wild choosing brightly colored flowers to plant. (via Marc Atiyolil)

6. Neon House Numbers: One of our favorites from our neon sign round up, these glowing house numbers will shine bright to show guests where you live. (via Mark Brand Architecture on Houzz)

7. Red, White, & Blue Mosaic: An homage to the flag, this RWB mosaic isn’t too overt, but if you look closely you’ll notice 50 white tiles to represent the 50 stars on Old Glory. (via stiglice on Flickr)

8. Pumpkins: This might not be a solution for your home year-round, but it’s definitely one to bookmark for the fall. (via Creatively Living)

9. String Art House Numbers: We’ve shown you how to make all kinds of string art in the past, and we love this take on using it as your house numbers. Just be sure they are big enough and dense enough to be visible. (via A Nest for All Seasons)

10. Jumbo Numbers: One of our favorites from our front door decor inspiration guide, these jumbo house numbers are visible from miles away—barring any trees or other homes getting in the way. (via My Sweet Savannah)

11. Flower Box: Another take on a planter, this flower box is perfect for those with long driveways. Not only will it mark your home, it will also takes care of part of your landscaping. (via The Hand Me Down House)

12. Rusted Art: Make a statement with your house number, and turn it into a piece of art that will change and weather with time like this rusted sculpture with a cut out tree. (via Sustainable Garden Design Perth on Houzz)

13. Simple Word: If you’re lucky enough to have a one-word address, just spell it out. There’s something incredibly classic about this choice. (via Lucid Interior Design on Houzz)

14. Wreaths: Use silk flowers for your wreath so you don’t end up with wilting blooms welcoming your guests. If you attach them with wire, you can easily swap them out each season. (via Teach. Craft. Love.)

15. Stone Pillar: If you have a traditional stone pillar leading up to your walk, it’s the perfect place to display your house number, and a bit of greenery. (via Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors on Houzz)

16. Stenciled Doormat: This DIY project only takes a couple of hours (including drying time). Plus, the stenciling options are endless. More decorative doormat ideas here! (via Emily A. Clark)

17. DIY Solar Lantern: Light up the night with this little lantern that charges during the day. If you’re in need of more solar power we’ve got that for you, too. (via Little Lucy Lu)

18. Wood Slab: We’ve shown you how to make chalkboard trays out of wood slices before, and we love this idea of fusing them to display your house number. Just be sure it’s not in a place that will get wet, or simply paint the numbers instead of using chalk. (via The Simple Craft Diaries)

What do the house numbers on your home look like and which DIY would you choose? Tell us in the comments!