Let’s face the facts: Bread is one of the best food inventions in life. It’s soft, doughy and sometimes flaky. It is the casing for our sandwiches, the backdrop for our pizza, the canvas for our bruschetta. In other words, it’s a staple. That’s why our minds are seriously blown by Dough Blow.

These colorful orbs are not just an art project. They’re actually edible (and apparently delish).

Beyond the fact that they’re super cool looking, these inflated pastries are semi-healthy. They’re made with fresh herbs and veggies! The colors come from the vegetables: green from spinach, purple from beets and orange from carrots.

Omer Polak, Michal Evyatar and Chef Erez Komorovsky are the masterminds behind this masterfood project.

For Jerusalem Design Week, they opened a small-scale food lab for one day to show visitors exactly how this bread was made. And of course, to taste-test.

The dough spheres were specifically designed to create an eating experience like no other in more ways than just their unusual look.

When you bite into these warm, airy and hollow dough balls, the aroma of the fresh ingredients used will slap you in the face (in the best possible way).

Here’s hoping this edible experiment makes its way stateside — we know an office of carb lovers willing to get slapped in the face by carbs any day of the week. When exploding dough balloons are being heralded as “the next cronut,” don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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(h/t Designboom)