Alright shutterbugs and hackers, we’ve got a real treat for you today, and it’s coming straight from our favorite innovation station, Kickstarter.

Duo is just what the title says. A twin lens reflex camera that works with instant film. That’s right. Old school analog points times… a million!

Maybe you don’t even know what a twin lens reflex camera (TLR) is aside from looking really cool? A tool typically used by niche photographers, a TLR camera provides a huge, brilliant waist-level viewfinder, no shutter blackout, and a quiet shutter. Most work with medium-format or 35mm film, making them even more niche as the popularity of digital and quirky instant cameras continues to soar.

But now, Duo’s on the scene. Duo combines the timeless appeal of instant film with the incredible experience of using a TLR camera. Each camera is built from laser-cut wooden parts, a lens, and Polaroid back.

Because of this simplicity in design, Duo is primarily being marketed as a DIY Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit! All you have to do is provide the lens and Polaroid or roll film back to complete the camera.

You can carry the camera on all sorts of excursions.

And can even bring multiple camera backs, depending on whether you want to use instant film or roll film.

The images taken with the Duo definitely have a beautiful, ephemeral quality. Almost nostalgic in a way you just can’t get with traditional cameras.

For a pledge of $209, you can get your very own DIY kit. For $90 more, get custom-engraved buttons and a roll film adapter. And for $649 get a ready-to-use Duo (you send in the Polaroid back and lenses of your choice). Pretty awesome.

Would you try using Duo? Have you ever used a traditional Twin Lens Reflex Camera? Share your thoughts in the comments below.