Shivery wintertime weather may make you want to roll out of bed, shove a beanie on your head and call it a day, but there is stylish hope on the hair horizon (the hairizon, if you will) yet. A simple updo not only lets you mercifully escape common winter beauty problems — like that dreaded static-y matted mess that is hat hair — but is also befitting of whatever place or occasion you’re setting out for. And yes, you can totally DIY a gorgeous ‘do in a few easy minutes. Take a look below at seven rad updos that will kickstart your winter hair inspo and make you forget all about those chapeaus at the back of your closet.

updo 3

1. Braided French Twist: Elegance is easy, believe it or not, and it pairs just as perfectly with your nine-to-five workwear as with your date night LBD. To get this look, French braid your hair and then fold the braid into itself to create a pretty, triangular-shaped twist. (via Once Wed)

updo 1

2. Messy Top Knot: Top knots are always a great choice as a go-to ‘do when you’re not quite sure what to do with your hair. This messy knot can be dressed up or down for a cocktail party, a night at the movies or even just chillin’ in your sweats at home — with or without bae. For added texture, skip the shower and mist your hair with dry shampoo before getting your bun on. (via Hot Beauty Health)

updo 6

3. The Twisted Bun: Hello, dream bun. This look is perfect for a sophisticated date at a gallery, ice skating or even while you’re running your Saturday errands. To start, part your hair all the way down the middle, tie each side in a knot and secure with bobby pins. Wrap the loose hair around in a bun and secure with pins. It’s so simple but so gorgeous. (via LuLu*s)

updo 2

4. Jasmine Ponytail: Rock locks worthy of royalty when you walk up to work/the club/your boo’s apartment. To create the look, pull half of your hair back into a standard pony, then add an elastic tie to section off your hair in a braid-less French braid. It’s so chic, you’ll never wear a plain old ponytail again. (via Runway Chef)

updo 4

5. Fishtail Gibson: The Gibson Tuck is a classic hairstyle from the early 20th century, and this version amps it up with a beautiful, modern twist. Two fishtail braids and one rolled low pony result in this elegant updo, with just a dash of boho vibes. Rock it to a black tie event with a floor-length gown and jewels or pair it with a crisp pant suit, stilettos and red lips for the office. (via Brit + Co)

updo 7

6. Artfully Messy Bun: Messy buns, while tousled and carefree, are also somewhat of an art form. The perfect messy bun can be hard to come by, but with this tutorial you’re well on your way to bun greatness. Click through and follow these steps to get a textured, twisted, beautifully chaotic ‘do that’s perfect for everyday winter wear. (via Sitting in Our Tree)

updo 5

7. Simple French Roll: This hairstyle is on our list of favorite French rolls — right behind the croissant. Get your hands on a few bobby pins and a comb to pull together this updo in just 60 seconds. Yes, that’s right ladies and gents — it takes just one minute to look this fabulous. (via Treasures & Travels)

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