Our lord and savior Beyoncé once asked and answered an important question: “Who run the world? GIRLS.” However, anyone paying attention knows it’s kind of hard out there for a chick — what with wage gaps, crappy beauty standards and discrimination in some arenas. With the number of smart, talented women you see around you every day it’s kind of disheartening that ladies are still marginalized. This video shows exactly why we need more representation at higher levels:

Elle UK made the above video to show what powerful groups, like politicians and entertainers would look like if you removed the men from the equation. The results show only about one or two women in positions of power. It’s also worthwhile to note that if you removed white women, there would be no one at all in many of these pics.


This video is part of a movement called More Women. The movement and the eponymous hashtag associated with it seeks to “to reflect the power of women, and to support and grow each other as we push for global equality.” As Elle details: “smart, successful women are too often portrayed as one-offs: fierce individualists concerned with their own success.” #MoreWomen aims to challenge this idea by promoting the notion that there is room for all kinds of women at the top.

Elle UK is encouraging its followers to use the hash tag to post pics of themselves and the other women in their lives to show that “one woman’s success makes EVERY WOMAN STRONGER.”

And more women is a good thing. With more women in politics, women’s issues can be better understood (and it’ll balance out the number of dudes your grandpa’s age telling us what to do with our bodies). With more women in film and TV women’s stories can be told in a more diverse and normal way (hello, Viola Davis). More women in science means crazy cool tech that caters to our specific needs (like this boss period device for girls in the developing world). More women is really a win/win for everyone.

Gandhi (sadly, not a woman) said that people should be the change they want to see in the world so if you want more women in these fields why not start with you? Good luck, lady friends!

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(h/t Elle UK, Images via Elle UK)