Upgrade your texting game (it’s been getting a little stale lately, admit it) and spark your creativity with this week’s must-download app list that covers all the very important bases. We’re talking fitness, (playlists scientifically proven to help you move it, move it? Check.), art, errands (a necessary evil made easier) and emoji. Do it all for the emoji.

1. Emojiyo: Our love of all things emoji rages on with another (one of two I’m featuring this week, #sorrynotsorry) iOS keyboard apps. This one’s all fun, turning your emoji library into, well, a really easy to search library of emoji. Find the little cartoons by name, save combos of emoji to send fun Snapchats, texts and tweets like this one. Mark your favorites and make custom “mixes” so your “Wanna get dinner + drinks?” emoji text is accessible without all the scrolling. See? We knew you guys would like this one, too.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Spring Moves: This isn’t your average fitness tracker. This one gets you moving in a whole new way — by supplying you with the beats it knows you need using what science calls Rhythm Based Movement. Spring Moves works with pro DJs and the kinda music lovers you would go to in a “what’s hot right now?!” playlist crisis. Whether you’re running, spinning or power walking through your city, this app will provide you with the ideal soundtrack based on your own personal rhythm. You can even set up interval training by song. Runners training for your next race, you need this on your phone.

Cost: Free for iOS with paid plans

3. Autodesk SketchBook Mobile: Adobe isn’t the only game in town this week when it comes to taking your favorite software mobile. Autodesk thinks that every artist deserves a great toolset and want to help you have that on tablet and smartphone with 100 pencils, pens, markers and brushes that you can customize and get creating with.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

4. Curbside: Delivery of just about any and everything has been made easier thanks to on demand apps, and now Curbside wants to do the same for pickup. Shop stores around you from your phone and they’ll notify you when your order is ready for you to drive up and get it. Errands have never been this easy breezy.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

5. Goji: This app transforms your iOS keyboard into an emoij-driven Yelp. Decide on an activity represented by a cute emoji (coffee, beer, fun in the sun) and scroll through the applicable options nearby. It doesn’t get much easier or more fun to figure out what to do around you than this.

Cost: Free for iOS

Bonus: ICYMI Apps

iCPooch: Facetime with Fido. ‘Nough said.

RoomScan: Make a floor plan on your phone without busting out the tape measure.

Square Order: Ordering your morning Joe has never been easier than this.

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Newbee: New parents, meet your control center.

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What was your favorite app download this week? Enlighten us below!