Ever since Google announced Android Wear聽in March, we鈥檝e been looking forward to seeing how the app world would respond to a brand new interface. We finally get a peek at the future-present of wearables with the launch of the Android Wear app store. Whether you can get a smartwatch to look cool or not (face it, they won鈥檛 all be as beautiful as this smart ring or the Tory Burch wearables), the real value is in what the watch can do for you. Pair yours with apps for fitness, and you could experience smart, hands-free workouts. Add scheduling and productivity apps, and you鈥檒l never be late ever again. What else can your smartwatch do for you? Check out these 17 Android Wear apps to find out!

1.聽InstaB聽($.99): We named this app a聽top pick for new parents, and now that it鈥檚 compatible with Android Wear, it鈥檚 seriously a must.

2.聽Watch Finder聽(Free): If you鈥檝e ever left your phone in a cab, restaurant booth, dressing room or even just at home, you know how convenient it would be to have your watch alert you when you get too far away from your device. This one has your tech-sessory covered.

3.聽Pocket Runner GPS Run Cycle聽(Free): This has everything you expect from a fitness app, but the data appears right on your watch face. It records your daily activity, allows you to share it with friends and gives you props for meeting goals.

4.聽EAT24聽(Free): Ordering delivery and takeout right from your watch? It sounds like something from the future, but it鈥檚 reality with this app.

5.聽IFTTT聽(Free): We dig聽this app,聽and now that it鈥檚 available for Android Wear, we鈥檙e overjoyed. The service helps automate apps to teach your device to be a little smarter. It currently connects with 132 channels, making life so much simpler.

6. Fit Interval Timer聽($.99): As long as you鈥檙e working out with your snazzy watch, you might as well keep time with it. This interval timer can help you keep track of your exercise intervals in workouts like CrossFit and yoga.

7.聽Shopping List聽($1.39): Exactly as the name implies, this app puts your shopping list (or to-do list!) right on your arm for incredible ease. You鈥檒l look like a lady of the future and have two free hands without having to check your phone!

8. Hand Dialer聽($.99): While your watch probably voice dials, sometimes that鈥檚 a less-than-desirable approach to making a call. This handy app gives a simple interface for quick dialing.

9. NudgeMe聽(Free): We know how important moving around can be to health and productivity聽and having this app at-hand can make a big difference. You鈥檒l be training your internal clock to get up and move around in defined intervals during the day and getting rewarded for making progress.

10.聽Jillian Michaels Slim-Down聽($.99): We know there are countless聽workout apps聽that are worthy of praise, but now that you can have Jillian on your wrist, there鈥檚 no excuse not to get ripped.

11.聽EyeEm聽(Free):聽You鈥檒l love this breathtaking photo app on your wrist. The app includes 20 free filters and lets you easily connect with emerging photographers and share your images on all social platforms.

12.聽Pinterest聽(Free): If you thought you spent too much time on Pinterest before, you might be in real trouble now. The Android Wear version has incredible features, like telling you when you鈥檙e near a place you鈥檝e pinned.

13.聽American Airlines聽(Free): Airline聽apps聽have made聽travel聽a lot more enjoyable, but Android Wear opens up a whole new world of travel ease. This app puts your boarding pass and other vital travel info right on your wrist!

14.聽Duolingo聽(Free): The app has helped countless people get a handle on foreign vocab. Now that it鈥檚 available on your wrist, you have a brand new way to make the best use of your spare time. The Wear version works a little like flashcards, making it a breeze to commit new words to memory.

15.聽MyTrails聽($1.58): Gone are the days of fancy and expensive gear for off-roading. This app is a dream come true for hikers, bikers, runners and campers. Track elevation, speed, time and tons of other details right from your wrist.

16.聽WhatsApp聽($.99): We love coming across new and聽creative聽ways to chat up our friends, so the Android Wear compatibility with WhatsApp is a real win.

17.聽Tinder聽($.99): When it comes to dating apps, there are plenty of other players in the game besides Tinder, but this brings the swipe function to your smartwatch. How cool is that?

Are you using a smartwatch? We鈥檇 love to hear about your favorite app from Android Wear!聽